Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Mid-morning Skate for Thursday, June 4th

Bullet points for what you missed while FUCK YOU VIDEOTRON...
  • In case you missed it in the comments yesterday, Jacques Demers could have been our next coach. Also on tap, Benoit Brunet and Eric Desjardins as assistants. Mmm, 1993. But since Serge Savard sort of pulled out, the plan is down the tubes. Whew;
  • Avs clean house;
  • Phlyers look to Ray Emery to be their goalie and kick some ass;
  • Here's a full transcript of the Ron Maclean-Gary Bettman interview from Tuesday night's HNIC broadcast. Well worth the read. Ron should have been a lawyer. Standard Bettman response: "I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about".
Pivotal Game 4 tonight. Datsyuk is a game-time decision. I love his quote about sitting out: "Oh I tell you, this is not fun to watch. I take in lots of beer." You and me both, Pavel.


L Dude said...

Jebus, Bettman looks weaselly!

Pens, Wings, yadda, yadda, who cares?

Habs news please. Gainey/Martin make some coaching announcements - ANYTHING!

my word: wifeco

Sounds like a place 29 could go to find himself a Mrs. 29

Moey said...

Bettman could talk his way out of a paper bag hence - lawyer. Why didn't Ron ask him obvious questions like "Gary, you didn't give a shit about the Nordique or Winnipeg fans when you moved those franchises, so why the love-in with 'yotes fans?

Number31 said...

Desjardins? Maybe... Brunet? WTF~!
But since Savard would have only been the owner and NOT the GM I'm also leaning on the "Oi, you own not meddle kthx" stick. Hello Tampa Bay Canadiens?

Ray Emery will soon kick Martin Biron's ass daily. Life is...good?
Word verf "phiparc" as in "it'll be a phiparc in Philly if Emery goes there"

Habsfan10 said...

Flyers fans will love Emery, since he's an overrated homicidal jackass like their patron saint of goalies Ron Hextall. I'm all for this happening. Amazing that a franchise that had Bernie Parent win them two Cups hasn't made an intelligent goaltending decision since. Long may it continue.

Hadulf said...

Seriously. Should Bob Gainey consider this guy?

Boob Gainey said...

From Hadul's link:

"Chris Neil had three goals and seven assists with a minus-13 rating in 60 games last season."

Says it all.

Might as well resign Kostopoulos.

Hadulf said...

@Boob Gainey

And put Kostopolous on the same line as Neil...

Habsfan10 said...

Hey, what the hell do you people have against Greek Lightning? If the rest of the team put the effort into every shift he does, they would have won the East going away. Nobody is asking Greek Lightning for 40 goals ... but he can play for my team any day.

That gap-toothed little chickenshit Chris Neil can fuck right off, however.

HabsFan29 said...

what 10 said

Anonymous said...

what 29 and 10 said

Hadulf said...

Absolutely nothing against Greek Lightning.

We just love to hate Neil I guess...

TH-TO said...

*puts on flame-retardant suit*

I actually kind of liked Hextall back in the day. You never quite knew if he was going to make a spectacular save or try and take someone's head off. It always added a bit of spice to games, imho. Course, I've also been a fan of Theo Fleury, which probably says something negative about me.

Also, I don't think either 10 or 29 can reasonably argue that throwing one or two homicidal jackasses into the mix on any given game night is automatically a bad thing. Call McSorley's axe-swing at Brashear what you will, for example, but at least it was interesting


Anonymous said...

Don't people know anything??? (not you guys, the CBC article). From that CBC link with Martin, he NEVER coached Heatley, never let Spezza PLAY, how dare they give him credit for those players' development.

He works well with young'uns but the closer the players reach their peak, the less he is able to inspire them and motivate them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Whoops sorry guys I meant to post that on another site and I don't know which one.... :S

But if you read an article on about Martin, they make those glaring mistakes.

Please forgive me for the nonrelevant comment :)

L Dude said...


Did Gainey not know that Joe Sacco was available?

Wow. The Avalanche have fallen fasther than, well, an avalanche.

Boob Gainey said...

The reason Martin's Sens didn't do well in the playoffs is that those were the days when the refs stopped calling penalties every spring.

The reality is that he had high flying teams during the regular season that got out-thuged by Pat Quinn's Neanderthals come playoff time.

My favourite article is the one from the Toronto Sun, suggesting that Gainey missed the boat by not getting Pat Quinn.


South Shore Habs Fan said...

You'd think defense and goaltending were Philly's downfall this year or something.

As for goalie coaches, I don't suppose Gainey could pry Andy Moog out of Dallas? If not, what about Brian Hayward?

WW: "proffi". Gillett is drawing out the sale to maximize his proffi.

Anonymous said...

£36 million in interest payments on a loan anyone?
I make that $63 million canadian for what it's worth.

HabsFan29 said...

Pens trying to make it a series. cmon! i cant believe im rooting for them

Boob Gainey said...

Pens in 6, as predicted.

Number31 said...

Ugh Chris Neil...he's useless... well ok maybe he can win a fight more than Greek Lightning but...I love Kostopoulos more. Plus TK actually appears to still has teeth, which I find miraculous, unless they're false teeth (which wouldn't surprise me).

OK I just hate Chris Neil and don't want him on the CH! (TK has more points and is a better PKer).

OH HO HO suck it Red Wings.