Friday, June 05, 2009

Sexy Friday whips out the video

A couple of videos for you on Sexy Friday. First up, our favourite anonymous blonde hockey talker goes outside to have the wind swept through her hair and talk about Games 1 and 2. Amazingly, lots of what she says comes through for the Pens in the last two games. I'm telling you, she's a brilliant analyst! She's also cute trying to pronounce Justin Abdelkader. Finally, I like the way she has to sort of lean forward to be in the camera frame.

Recently we had a complaint about the lack of strip club stuff around here. Agreed! This has nothing to do with hockey, but here's a CNN story about some dude suing a strip club when a stripper allegedly kicked him in the head. Lawyers and strippers! FHF in real life.

To make up for that not being about hockey, I have some hockey news. Mario Tremblay will not be rehired by the Wild, he's now free to join the Habs. He said of course, would love to come here. Did that just make your Sexy Friday flaccid?

As always, Sexy Friday copyright KSK


Habsfan10 said...

Grab a deck chair, genius. I'm surprised her giant head doesn't cause her to fall over.

A man as image conscious as Gainey wouldn't touch the hailstorm of controversy rehiring the Bionic Blueberry would bring in a million years ... right? Right? Someone tell me I'm right, dammit!

HabsFan29 said...

@10 - I hope you're right

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Best video link ever.

gillis said...

I bet that girls boyfriend asked her to do this for him because nobody wants to watch a video of a guy talking about hockey.

lecavamiester said...

i watched this at work with the sound off...i was basically just waiting for that chick to take her shirt off....she didn't.

Whale4ever said...

Believe it or not, I went to high school with that guy.

And the Cheetah could use a new coat of paint in the Champagne room. Or at least a healthy wipedown.

kevincrumbs said...

Thought I'd mention that some idiot over at HIO wants us to sign Maxim Afinogenov. A different idiot wants Havlat.

God help us all.