Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Morning Skate makes the key saves for Wednesday, June 10th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of setting a Finals record for team shooting...
  • Let's face it, M-A Fleury is a great goalie. In Mellon Arena only. The huge stop in the video above was just, uh, huge. He also had several other huge ones, esepcially in the third, leading the Pens to a 2-1 win to set up Game 7 on Friday. Osgood was really pretty good too. Credit also to the Pens team defense (no, seriously!). Did I mention we have a Game 7? I am FUCKING GIDDY;
  • So Heater wants out of Ottawa. As you can imagine, SLC has his usual bitingly witty take. Also as you can imagine, Dany Heatley Speedwagon of Scarlett Ice is not taking this well;
  • Excitement in the Phoenix courtroom yesterday! Well, not really. It's fucking bankruptcy court. But the NHL may be able to fleece (extort?) Jimmy Balls out of another 100 mill and just price hime right out. I hope they do, then Jimmy Balls can sue them;
  • Dave Stubbs is now stealing headlines from Panger. Well, except for the cockteaser part. Is there a lawyer in the house?
Did I mention we have a Game 7?


Boob Gainey said...

I hate to say it but Mike Milbury made a good point: "Marian Hossa, you say you came to Detroit to win the cup? Play like you mean it instead of being a passenger."

That dude has probably played himself out of a big contract with Detroit.

L Dude said...

Get 'im Bob! And Heater. And Vinny! Seriously, I'd take Hossa. The Habs could make him extra soft. He'd be squishy. He'd become a Hossa of Marcellian nature.

Whatever Bob does, it best include:

1) Not re-signing Breezer.
2) Not drafting Commies. Is that over the line?
3) Signing and/or drafting tough Canadian players.
4) Staying away from NCAA. I think we have everybody from Minnesota already. And by Minnesota, I mean that neck of the American woods in general...
5) Sending me season tickets. (and airfare/hotel accomodations) go big or stay home I say.

wv: coudgeno
As in, "coudgeno and Sid beat the Wings and win the cup on Friday?"

gillis said...

I told you the steal your headlines. It's not the first time either. They did it with the clever "Why is this man laughing?" with the picture being Carbo (or in their case GG) smiling.

I don't want Hossa to win but I don't want Crosby to ever win a cup. I think i'll just cheer for detroit anyway.

gillis said...

Oh yeah, and it better be a very special sexy friday stanley cup edition this friday

HabsFan29 said...

@Boob - Mike Milbury making a good point is a sign of the apocalypse

@L Dude - your new avatar is Steve Dallas-approved. fantastic

@Gillis - I'll see what I can do

L Dude said...

@29: I'm sure every lawyer's dream is to be as successful as Steve Dallas. I think he won a case once.

Note: the videos are nice, but they slow down the loading of the page immensely.


Number31 said...

Today we (supposedly) find out if GG is actually selling our glorious team. If Quebecor weasles their way in, I'm heading back to the fucking beach and staying there.

All I really want Bob to do this summer is tell Chipper he's going to be a winger on Metro's line next season.

Boob Gainey said...

RDS report that the Leafs have hired Allaire as gk coach.

Was Bob napping?

Why did the Ducks let him go?