Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All that scoring has Kovy tuckered out, ordered to take some nap time by Bob

Tweak, Bob, tweak! Bob has ordered Kovy to skip the next two games in Washington and Pittsburgh, for "relaxation and reflection."

That'll cure him. Plan the parade kids.


fezworth said...

Bob should prop Kovy's eyes open and force him to watch videos of his early days, Clockwork Orange-style.

Apparently that worked last year.

Anonymous said...

I'd be shocked if Kovy doesn't get traded at this point.

moeman said...

Check out my word verif on the tired Kovy thread FHFers.


Vintage HF29 said...

@moeman - bwahahaha

'stie calice

kevincrumbs said...

But who in their right mind would want to trade for Kovy. i, for one, approve of Bob's moves although the 2nd round is the best we can hope for this year.

Anonymous said...

@ kevincrubs: well... he is the All Star Game MVP. That has to count for something, right?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I butchered your name...

Anonymous said...

its about time...sergei though should be traded. it would lift Andrei alot of responsibility of his shoulder and make him a better player...i garantuee it.

mr. gillis said...

In Bob I Trust.

Rédaction said...

Weird move. On the serious blogs people are wondering if it might be because Bob wants to trade him, perhaps to pens or caps.

Anonymous said...

ready for the trade? sitting Kovy in the third against Boston looked to me like an action to get him into a mental attitude to accept a move. I think he'll be spending his time off on the phone looking for a new job

Anonymous said...

Holy freakin' crap... I think this is the most active Gainey has been since his own playing days!

I'm interested to see who Gainey's going to pawn Kovy off on - probably a Western team having trouble scoring. Possible dance partners: Dallas (Richards out 6-8 weeks), Anaheim (fucking old), Columbus (has about 3 players who can score), L.A (too young, and centre is getting crowded). Out of those teams, the only players that interest me are Michal Handzus, Jarret Stoll, and Patrick O'Sullivan of the Kings, or... yes, that guy again... R.J. Motherfucking Umberger of the Blue Jackets (though with Brassard out for the season, there's no hope of prying him out of Columbus).

mr. gillis said...

@Montrealiste1: Serious blogs? What's that?

I hope somebody gets traded. Just anybody. Price and Subban are the only ones that are safe in my books (maybe Gorgeous Gorges too). Everybody else, fiche le camp 'sti de calis

Topham said...

@ Gillis

Price and Subban?


Why is anyone safe if you're going to throw out Koivu, Markov, Hamrlik, Gorges, Kostitsyn and Lapierre.

Incidentally, you also excluded the only two people other GMs might have an interest in...

(An offer comes for Price, who dares accept?)

mr. gillis said...

I sort of meant that I hope they don't get traded, because I think that they are (or going to be) a huge part of the team. The biggest in my mind. Of course it depends on what the offer is but in most cases it would probably be a no if I were to decide.

And I don't really understand your last line. Obviously GM's have interest in them, doesn't mean they should be traded.

I no comprende

Anonymous said...

South Shore Habs Fan.

I don't like saying this because I hate rumors. And rumors to Montreal never come true, but... Pheonix fans aren't happy with Olli Jokinen. Bob McKenzie said the Habs are looking at offering something for him.

Anonymous said...

@ Shutdown
What, a big, net-crashing centre come to Montreal? Surely you must be jokin'en! (I apologize)

In all seriousness, though - Phoenix has fans?!

the expos said...


Higgins - Koivu - D'Agostini

A. Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Pacioretty

Bégin - Lapierre - Kostopoulos

Laraque - Chipchura - Dandenault

Defence pairings are Markov-Schneider, Hamrlik-Komisarek, Gorges-Bouillon

Scheinder on #2 makes sense seeing as how Markov and Komi have struggled lately, I'm not crazy about it but lets see 1. How he plays and 2. How his minutes and handled.

I'm not a fan of Bouillon not not playing.

What does A.kost have to do to play with Koivu, murder every other possible winger?

Fearless prediction: Habs get at least 6 points in the next 10 games, people wonder if Kovy should rejoin the team.

Anonymous said...

First, purge yourself of everything you think you know like the Zen masters teach us, then answer this question:

Are the Habs better with Laraque in the lineup or Kovalev?


It ain't Kovy's fault people. Sure he can't carry the whole team, but he doesn't make the team worse. Is it his fault Price is a sieve and Komisarek has forgotten how to play?

This lineup reminds me of the Habs circa 2002: Koivu, some young prospects, plus a whole bunch of mediocrities.

Anonymous said...

after purging myself as required, I fearlessly say:
yes, the Habs are a better team with BGL in instead of Kovalev.
More talented? No. Better team? Yes.
Kovalev DOES make them worse these days, by creating moronic turnovers trying to stickhandle 6541 players out of their jocks at the same time and by taking silly penalties at the wrong time.
I sure hope Laraque would do more, but at the very least he's able to hold the puck!