Monday, February 02, 2009

NHL Disciplinary Arm Can Shove That Arm Up Its Ass

A fucking joke.

A real fucking joke.

It's going to take an NHLer in a wheelchair for the rest of his life for the NHL to open it's eyes.

So freaking irresponsible.


mr. gillis said...

So Avery gets six for saying "sloppy seconds", and a repeat offender throws himself full speed with his elbows up at somebodies head and its only 5.

Fucking ridiculous

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this fucking shitass motherfucking joke?? FIVE fucking games?

Fuck you, NHL.

(Sorry, 4, didn't think there were quite enough fucks in your original post, although there are clearly plenty of fucks working for the NHL Disciplinary Committee.)

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Whoa, what have you guys not been paying attantion? Avery aside, 5 games is pretty good for the NHL when it comes to any form of head shot (just ask Greek Lightening). When I saw "fucking joke" I thought he got off scott-free.

The NHL is a bastion of backward thinking, testosterone-fueled machismo, and until someone does get killed and the NHL or a team has to pay a huge civil claim settlement, nothing will change.

lawyergirl77 said...

Huge civilian claim settlement - has Moore v. Bertuzzi settled? That might be what totally changes things.

And, given the NHL's track record, 5 games seems normal. I totally agree, 4, that this is ridiculously fucked up. But it is consistent according to the NHL's ridiculously fucked up logic.

(FWIW - I was expecting 3 games)

The Bastahd said...

Question is... how many games does O'Byrne deserve for taking a run at Kobasew in the waning seconds of yesterday's game? Had pretty clear intent to injure and went at Chuck's head along the boards.

He deserves 2-3 games but 10 to 1 odds not a word will be spoken on it...

rutbut said...

We're not lucky enough for O'Byrne to get 2-3 games.

Anyone know how close Dandy is to getting back in the lineup?

mr. gillis said...

Don't get me started on the Tom K hit.

I know this may sound stupid but, can someone please explain to me how how this incident and the Chris Simon two-hander to Hollweg's chin are different in their intentions and results. I'm not saying that he should get 25 games but I just want to figure out what decides the length of a suspension. Here's what I got so far:

-They both attempted to injure the other player

-Gorges got a concussion.

-Simon got a concussion from the hit by Hollweg. Simon hit back Hollweg with his stick and he gets a small cut.

-Both could have turned out much worse then the final result.

-Both have no place in the game of hockey

Anonymous said...

@gillis: can't help you figure out how the NHL decides those kinds of things, although I think the guys over at Puck Daddy are on to something with their ongoing Spin the Wheel theory.

That said, wanted to say your HI/O avatar is awesome. It just caught my eye.

Number31 said...

My theory on this 5-game suspension is because Gorges has a thick skull (and I mean that in medical terms, as he's quite intelligent) and didn't end up in hospital. The fact Gauthier is a repeat offender known for headhunting and had the nerve to argue with the ref over his penalty and said he didn't think he threw a dirty hit should have given him the Downie suspension, but whatever. The NHL is concussed.

Anonymous said...

I agree the suspension is too short, but in fairness to the NHL they want to keep the game fast and physical. They worry that giving out 20-30 game suspension for excessive hits in the heat of the action will cool down the action (as opposed to clearly meditated attempts to injure).

DC said...

If Gauthier had yelled "sloppy seconds" as he threw the elbow, it would've been 25 games.