Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sexy Thursday's gone country to sell hockey tickets

So with an actual game tomorrow, Sexy Friday has been bumped up to Thursday. Or you're just time-traveling à la Lost.

Above is a new commercial for the Nashville Predators. The Preds have enlisted the help of sexy jail bait country singer Taylor Swift to help sell tickets. Not a bad little commercial. I like the whole country - Nashville connection, though frankly Taylor looks like someone's little sister in the spot and not particularly sexy. But she was #57 on Maxim's Hot 100 last year. For a much more Sexy Thursday-worthy Taylor, enjoy this video of her with Def Leppard singing Pour Some Sugar on Me. Thank you Taylor, I believe I would like to do just that.

Lap dance to Forechecker over at On the Forecheck. Sexy Thursday is based on Sexy Friday, which as always is copyright KSK


KRaZykeV said...

FYI, Taylor Swift is 19 so she's not jailbait at all! Have at her!

Anonymous said...

Krazykev hit the nail on the coffin. She's 19 so it's okay. And 2nd of all, isn't Canadian jailbait anyone under 16?

gillis said...


Habsfan10 said...

Sweet Fancy Moses ... she's hot and sings with Def Leppard?!!?!?! Sign. Me. Up. I think Mrs Taylor Swift-HF10 has a nice ring to it.

Beta169 said...

Yeah, the whole country music/Preds hockey connection is played up here. When the Preds score a goal they show a video of Tim Mcgraw in a jersey singing "I like it, I love it" changed from "Don't know what it is about that little girls lovin'. . . " to "Don't know what it is about those Predators scoring. . ." Sort of like the Simple Plan song at the Habs games. God, I miss the L'OREILLE goal song. Quick, someone call me, its my ringtone!

In other news, Eklund's Trade Chart has Denis Gauthier listed as 30% to the Habs. Maybe Gainey will trade for him just to have TFS rodeo rope him so Gorges can beat him down.

gillis said...

BGL to return to line-up tomorrow night.

El Dandy still a maybe but should be returning soon