Saturday, February 14, 2009

Habs 4, Avs 2 - FHF to post ridiculously hot supermodels until we lose

There's really only one story from last night's win - Jaro made 46 saves. Habs still suck, but we needed a goalie to steal one to stop the bleeding and we got it.

The win was no doubt due to our posting of Bar Refaeli for the open thread. So dammit, we're posting supermodels til we lose. Of all the streaks we've had at FHF, let's hope this one lasts a long time. Mmm, Brooklyn Decker.

And one other note - many lap dances to FHF regular Baroque for giving us a new link for the Interwebs quotes in the sidebar. Canada's National Newspaper has taken notice. Next stop, the Moose Jaw Times Herald.


mr. gillis said...

Don't mess with a streak.

Halak it like dat.

Is there going to be an Jaro in the near future?

the expos said...

If anyone has NHL Gamecenter, I highly recommend watching last nights game when its archived.

The Avs TV station showed the whole 2nd period 50's style to commemortate the Habs centennial. It was shown in black and white, the announcers wore 50's jackets and hats and the broadcast style was the same.

They also showed Habs history tidbits throughout the game, maybe one more reason for HF10 to hate them, because they were actually chill despite the rivalry ;)

Anonymous said...

expos. I don't know if you know this, but I'm pretty sure the Globe and Mail quoted you in the article that mentioned FHF. Something to be proud of.

the expos said...

Really? Awesome considering I only have like 3 posts on this site ;)

Thanks though, mind showing me the link?

mr. gillis said...

@shutdown: I guess I'm not the only one that spent a few minutes trying to find out who the lucky person that got wuoted was.

@expos: It's on the side bar under "What the interwebs are saying about FHF". And it's the globe and mail one.

the expos said...

Lol, I was being sarcastic more than anything about Carbo's line combos.

Meh guess its still cool.