Monday, February 02, 2009

Rising Up for the Win: Habs 4 - King 3 BUT! Sleepwalking to a Loss: Bruins 3 - Pajamas 1

What can we say.

A split decision.

A potential 6-game losing streak, averted.

A loss to an important rival.

A last minute win against a promising young team.

Shut down by a formidable bruin defense.

Kovalev benched for the entire third (-57 seconds).

The confirmation that Montreal will not finish in the top four.

The real concern that the team won't get out of the first round.

The sudden realization that this 100th year anniversary season will be more about a tribute to past glory than future accomplishments.

The inevitable worries about the coach's ability to guide this team in the proper direction.

The arrival of Old Kovy in a new doghouse.

A team who's leading scorer will not tally 65 points.

A team who's leading scorer may not be a forward.

The diminished anxiety about planning a wedding in June.

The promise that I will receive a reimbursement for 90% of my playoff tickets.

The frustration that the paid 10% will have been a waste of money.

The real issue between Kovalev and Koivu.

The necessity for the GM to make a move.

The ship, while not sinking, is not going to dock where we had hoped it would.

The decision that this team isn't worth a picture.

The bullshitting you about that last one, because I just don't want to look for one.

The wondering out loud if Santonio Holmes can learn how to skate before the playoffs.


HF29 aka HH29 said...

amen brother!!!!

So the wedding is for sure in June? w00t!!

fezworth said...

Congrats 4!

I think this is the real good news that I'm going to focus on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's good news!

And what kind of name is Santonio?

mr. gillis said...

Congradulations HF4

In california they live in "Santonio Holmes"... Iknow, it's a lame joke. moving on...

The real issue between Kovalev and Koivu
I read your article on H I/O about it and I wasn't very convinced that it is a big problem. So what if the habs are not advertising with them in the same photo.

The real concern that the team won't get out of the first round.
If they get in.

My verification word is jorNASH: now I'm hoping that it is a sign of a newcomer by the name of Nash is coming to montreal.

lawyergirl77 said...

HF4 - I'm planning my wedding in July. Let me know when you need to go to a bar in order to drink heavily and ask yourself repeatedly: "Why the Christ didn't we elope?"

I'm also with you in the "Well, at least I won't have to pay that much for playoff tickets. Woo hoo - top shelf booze at the reception!!"

My word is "boartug". Hello gutter, long time no see...

lawyergirl77 said...

By the way, peeps... Lang is out for the season after successful achilles tendon repair surgery.

As I said on HI/O, this is the most heartbreaking injury of all. :(

HF29 aka HH29 said...

@LG77 - willful blindness! if i dont read your comment it's not happening. arrgghhhhhh

J.T. said...

I know...I'm just crushed about the Lang injury. It really feels like the last straw, doesn't it? My word is "noxiddl." It sounds like something we should take to numb the pain. God, I hate being a bubble team again.

Noda said...

Seems like the sky is falling in habsland!! And while I hope Bob can do something i don't think its time to panic. I definitely don't think giving away the future for this year is the way to go. We aren't close enough for that final push at the trade deadline to make us definite deep playoff contenders.

I just hope after a couple of years of playoff goodness, prospects and youth coming out the wazoo, and Bob et al in the front office we can FINALY start getting some of our first choice free agents each summer. I love our boys but lets face it, this ship has been built on drafts and second or third choice FAs. (Bonus points to anyone who can list the first choice UFAs that turned us down the last 5 years)

Back to lurking now...

Anonymous said...

With our luck it will be Tyson Nash ...