Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first of what will be too many posts about the trade deadline (e3)

This random photo of hot models is just to distract you from the fact that this post contains virtually no intelligent hockey analysis

With FHF resident actual hockey expert HFF33akaPanger sunning on the beaches of Hawaii (fuck you Panger), yours truly is forced to write this post. With the trade deadline less than a week away, let's take a quick look at what may or may not happen to some interesting players.

Jay Boouwmeester
Probably the most likely player to move prior to the deadline. But all of a sudden, the Panthers are actually good and may (will? should?) make the playoffs. We don't know how this affects their decisions about trading the pending UFA.

Chris Pronger
The Ducks are in salary cap hell, and Pronger's $6.25 mill contract ain't helping matters. With the Ducks sort of meh right now, expect some front-runner to grab Pronger to beef up the blueline.

Keith Tkachuk
He'll get traded, but he'll end up a Blue again anyway. It's some crazy Lost time loop thing.

Martin St. Louis / Vinny Lecavalier
Not. Happening. The Bolts have said as much, and the price will be too high anyway. They're here just to rile up Habs fans, or make them drool.

Marian Gaborik's hip
Damaged at the factory, could be available at a big discount.

Doug Weight / Bill Guerin
Let the Annual Pillaging of the Isles begin!

The Tronna Maple Leaves
Kaberle! Antropov! Kubina! Everything must go!

Let's hear your trade thoughts in the comments or I'll get Bob Mackenzie to sit on you.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Remember how fat Mackenzie used to be?

You forgot to mention some douchebag named Komisarek. Will he be the third MTL d-man the team will allow to walk away for nothing?

And Carey Price, too. Trade him. He's shit.

J.T. said...

Ha! My word is swindelo. I wonder if Gainey will swindelo any other GM and get a centre to replace Lang?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Ducks are in salary cap hell for much longer. They have more free agents next summer than the Habs, inclduing both Niedermeyer brothers, Beauchemin, Morrison, Marchant, etc. In fact, of their top seven defenceman, there's only one who's not a free agent: Chris Pronger.

Scott Niedermeyer might fetch more as a rental than Pronger and his huge contract.

L Dude said...

Not trade related, just a little sad history/trivia. I was surfing around and came across the hockeydb link, so thought I'd check a random year for our draft. The year 1997. Quite possibly the worse year EVER for the Habs' draft.
11 picks.
2 players have played in the NHL, Ben Guite being one of them who just made the big league the past few years in Colorado. 7th round, 172nd.

I don't actually care if you cheat, but can anybody guess:

a) What player did the Habs draft in Round 1, 11th overall? He played 105 games for the Habs. *I don't believe he is currently in the NHL (probably AHL).

b) In true D'OH! fashion, which player was drafted immediately after him? Hint: He was eventually traded in a BLOCKBUSTER deal. Nothing to do with movie rentals...

Anonymous said...

Pronger is gone for sure.
Ducks just traded Kunitz and some Joe Shmo for Ryan Whitney of the Pens. That means someone from the Ducks' blue line has to go.

Anonymous said...


Vintage HF29 said...

@Ld - i cheated, so i don't want to spoil anything for anyone else

It was a good pick at the time!!! But yeah, the player below him is kind of scary

L Dude said...

FYI, the rest...

2. 37 Mtl. Canadiens Gregor Baumgartner
3. 65 Mtl. Canadiens Ilkka Mikkola
4. 91 Mtl. Canadiens Daniel Tetrault
5. 118 Mtl. Canadiens Konstantin Sidulov
5. 122 Mtl. Canadiens Gennady Razin
6. 145 Mtl. Canadiens Jonathan Desroches
8. 197 Mtl. Canadiens Petr Kubos
8. 202 Mtl. Canadiens Andrei Sidyakin
9. 228 Mtl. Canadiens Jarl Ygranes

Other notable D'OH!'s from '97:
Flames took Danel Tkaczuk 6th overall
22nd overall: Carolina - Nikos Tselios - played 2 games. Scott Hannan chosen 23rd
24th overall: NJ takes JF Damphousse - played 6 games. 25th pick to Dallas: Brendan Morrow.

I must be feeling nostalgic...or nauseated....or narcolep

L Dude said...

@Shutdown: You obviously know nothing.

From the desk of the Big Giant Head -

@29: that's cool. I was just bored. I think the Habs guy was traded to the Rangers or maybe signed as a FA with them?

Just like they did with Valeri, the Habs were fortunate enough to draft the smarter, younger brother of the aforementioned D'OH pick who also was eventually traded to the we only trade with the Rangers?

Anonymous said...

"Pronger's status with the Ducks is the same now as it was earlier this week. That is, he is likely to be traded, but the chances of that trade happening in the summer may be better than before the March 4 trade deadline."

Straight from the Head.

kevincrumbs said...

I think Doug Weight is out for the season. I think the Sportsnet guys doing the Canucks/Habs game were suggesting that if Komi isn't signed that Bob would trade him, but I doubt that would ever happen. All Komi's been doing this year is to lower the amount of money he'll make on his next contract.

@LD: Well 105 games for the Habs is a lot better than someone like Terry Ryan, who went higher than 11th. We always seem to have bad luck with WHL guys.

L Dude said...

The head speaketh.
Bow to the head!

kevincrumbs said...

Believe it or not, LD, the 1999 is even worse. All of our picks combined for two career games in the NHL, none of which were for the Habs.

L Dude said...

kevin: Most of them weren't exactly quality or memorable games.
Jason Ward is the man. I think he's still in the Lightning organization.

And of course, Marion Hossa. I doubt he would have flourished under *insert random ex-french Canadian coach name here* I just can't remember....Vigneault? Therrien? Other?

Ohh, and I actually do believe it :-(

Anonymous said...

LD. You mean Marcel Hossa.

Who, apparently was born in St-Jérome. What Slovakian names their kid Marcel?

Anonymous said...

@ Shutdown

He just means that Marion Hossa wouldn't have developed into the superstar that he is had the Habs drafted him, because our coaching staff would've killed his confidence/ruined his development/put him on a line with Tom Kostopoulos and Youppi.

Hmm... Kunitz for Whitney. So, in essence, Shero is trying to fix his fuckup from last year's deadline by trading away the younger of his two offensive defensemen, when his team is already defensively-challenged?

Thank God for Bob.

Fearless prediction: trading deadline 2010, Shero pulls off a blockbuster deal, trading either Malkin or Staal for a UFA puck-moving defenseman. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Steve Bégin traded to Dallas, per RDS.

Anonymous said...

Sportsnet says Begin to Dallas for a prospect.

Anonymous said...

Not really a prospect, as Doug Janik (our newest Dman) is 28.


Begin's cap hit: 1.057 million
Janik's cap hit: 0.500 million

Bob is up to something.

Number31 said...

Damn... Pens also snuck in Tangradi with that Kunitz-Whitney trade. Makes up for Shero losing Espo last season I guess.