Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can Mathieu Schneider Turn the Team Around?

Schneider addressing the media in the locker room after his first practice with the Canadiens

Bob, you've been trying to sell us the youthful energy of Jay Bouwmeester for a month and now we've gotta settle for this?

I'm not sure this is going to work. At least, the team is in no risk of losing the Viagra account.


Joe said...

He looks a little over-confident with his playoff beard grown already.

L Dude said...

Can Mathieu Schneider Turn the Team Around?

Yes. Yes he can.

And that's a playoff-push beard. And it's awesome. 4th in the east is a lock.

Lim....Confident Dude

what happened to the strikethrough tag for html

Vintage HF29 said...

what happened to the strikethrough tag for html

still exists, just not in Blogger comments

savardwalsh said...

Monday, February 16, 2008

-"Good morning Mr Gainey. Shall I fetch you your Globe and Mail?"

-"Not today Jeeves. Today is the day I go down in General Manager-lore. Today is the day I steal a most-valuable asset from that butt-hugger Don Waddell."

-"You mean...You're trading for Ilya Kovalchuk sir?"

-"Don't be a fool Jeeves. I don't pay you to be an idiot, so don't be one. No, my overly-ambitious friend, today is the day I acquire the legendary (and still quite frisky) Mathieu Schneider, winner of Montreal's 24th Stanley Cup, and just-misser of New York's 4th, Detroit's 10th, and Anaheim's 1st Cups. He will shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness. And I will be the messiah he leads them to."

-"Very well sir. As for the Globe?"

-"No time Jeeves! This, this is a historic moment. Never forget this day, as long as you live, and as long as your children and your children's children live, for it will go down in history as my finest hour!"

-"Perhaps just the sports section? A quick glance if you will?"

-"My good man, have I hired an imbecile to tend to my quarters? This, Jeeves, this will be my coup-de-grace, this will be my lasting legacy. In Bob we trust chant the fans, and I will not mislead them. I will be hoisted onto the shoulders of the citizens and paraded through the city. For this, I must be ready, which means I will need to plan my time accordingly, which in turn means NO GODDAMN PAPER! Have I made myself clear?

-"Yes sir. Very well sir..."


Anonymous said...

Gainey is pissed...

Little one is heading to steel town.