Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Question for Our Readers

Not much to say about last night's game, but I hear a picture is worth a thousand words anyway. The choice is yours, FHF reader: which one is more appropriate after last night's game?


Let's hear how bad the Habs suck in the comments....again.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to start calling him "Jim Carey Price" until he gets his shit together.

Habsfan10 said...

What, no Titanic picture?

Okay, the word verification machine is just getting to be a smartass: farti

Vintage HF29 said...

How about a video?

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the picture is.
Actually I don't even fucking care if we make the playoffs.
As long as Kovalev gets traded for at least a second-round pick.

I would be happier if we finished ninth with no Kovalev than if we lost in the first round with Kovalev.

Kovalev is going to cost Carbonneau his job. Carbo doesn't deserve to lose his job, and frankly I don't think a better coach (for Montreal) is available.

Four days till I'm at the game on sunday. If Kovy's been traded by then I will dry-hump every last one of you.

But Kovalev will unfortunately finish the season in Montreal.

However if we re-sign him I'm going to kill myself.

Thus, I suppose the first picture is most appropriate, with me killin

Anonymous said...

It isn't Kovy's fault.

Before the game Carbo announced that Price had to have a big game. Then he let him stay after he gave up 4 in the 1st. That kid is wrecked.

How is that Kovy's fault?

Hadulf said...

So. We are stuck with Kovy. And we ride Price til the end. What's so fucking complicated about that?

Oh, right, they suck.

(I love this band wagon shit)

For the pic, BOTH are accurate!

Anonymous said...

@Van Hab:


can we add the ticker "Games since Kovy should have been traded" ??

savardwalsh said...

this just in: Carbo cancels practice, rents bouncy castle and hires clown

Anonymous said...

I know it's not Kovy's FAULT, and that Price's bag-sucking has everything to do with last night's loss, but I think Kovalev's "me-first" attitude is contagious and impedes progress. the guy has shown NO accountability nor desire for team play. His being on the ice renders his teammates useless as he's a puck hog with no jump.
He's a distraction and his removal is crucial.

He might light it up for another team, but like the Ribeiro trade, it's just not working for him in Montreal and letting him go will benefit the team.

Of course that doesn't solve Price's shiteous play, but it's a step in the right direction and will take some of the heat off Carbo. Now if only we could call up Denis....

Does anyone know enough details on the re-entry waiver system to tell me if we can send Price to the minors without having to subject him to waivers? I know we did it last year but something tells me he's played too many games at this point.

GoHabsGo11 said...

This would do also do.

If I had to pick I'd say the gravestone because the wounds are too fresh golf jokes sting too much.

Carbo is not so smart. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the rest of the league skates 6 D men.

Anonymous said...

I really think you band wagoners should join Breezer in the trunk of Panger's car. The offence starts the game creating great chances and then O'Byrne the Bandit gets called after hooking Sam Gagner. The D is unable to clear the fucking puck
and Lapierre makes a half-ass effort to dump it that is stolen by Gagner and shoveled into an empty net, and you;re saying this is Kovalev's fault... its amazing how that after last year you same drones worship him and when the team as a WHOLE is playing shitty you say it is all his fault. Whoever is driving this band wagon needs a Breathalyzer test.

Kate said...

My biggest fear was that we would turn into the Senators and now it's effen' happening.

Lee_D said...

Really? A golf bag and a tombstone are the best you've come up with? I come here for comedy. Not that I have anything better to contribute. But in these dark, dark, dark times, it's great to come here to actually get some laughs and perspective. Step it up!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Is it wrong that I'm enjoying all of this?

Lee_D said...

eyebleaf: of course not! I would expect nothing less of a Leafs fan. Again, if you guys had huge expectations for a season that was going down the drain, I would do the exact same. Well, I might not hang around Leafs message boards though. But I guess you really don't have anything going on with your team anyway.

Anonymous said...

Kovy was meant to be on the 2nd line remember? The injuries to Koivu, Tanguay, Higgins, and Lang, and the inconsistent play of Plekanec and AK46 has dropped all of the attacking responsibility on his shoulders.

Kovy is 36 and is on the number one powerplay unit and usually on the number one penalty kill unit.

As I said above, it ain't his fault.

Hopefully when Tanguay comes back Carbo will pick stable lines:


That offense will do just fine. Gainey gets a big d-man and we are set, except for the one glaring problem in goal.

I don't have a solution for that. Carbo's fucked Price, maybe for good.

Lee_D said...

When is Tanguay returning?

Anonymous said...

Next week.

Anonymous said...

Gainey's big mistake, in retrospect, was having not one but two rookie keepers. How happy would we be if Huet had been chosen as Price's backup this year?

I think all the problems up front start at the back. Players know there's a sieve in net. Price can't make the saves, Jaro can't control his rebounds.

Gainey's other mistake was pursuing Sundin when it became clear he wasn't interested. Although maybe that was never clear.

Anonymous said...

Gainey couldn't have signed Huet cheap. If he signed him for an outrageous price everyone would be bitching as well

Hadulf said...

@ Anonymous...

That's what the bandwagon is all about! No need for breathalizers!

Anonymous said...

My suggestion:

Backstrom for Halak.

We urgently need Price to have a break.

Halak only has a future in MTL if Price is traded.

Backstrom is a UFA so it makes sense for the Wild to trade him.

Anonymous said...

eyebleaf... Is it wrong that I'm enjoying all of this?
As much as it is for us to hope that you guys finish ninth.

If the golf clubs are for Habs players, the coffin is for me.

Please do something, maybe it’s time we go back to male strippers.

Anonymous said...

My take, for what it's worth...

Carbo - Can't trade the entire team so he has to go. It wouldn't be the first time a good coach is canned because his team are a bunch of fuck-ups.

Kovy - I, like everyone, think he is fucking talented beyond belief. It is his heart that I question.

I had a hard-on all last year watching him play. But, what was never far from my mind was that fucking playoff series with Boston a few years back. When he was slashed a center ice and then just fucking gave up and held his wrist while some Boston a-hole scored the game winner on a breakwawy. Dandy didn't give up in a regular season game with a fucking broken arm! Granted Kovy ended up dragging the team to the next round in that series but still... giving up in a playoff game. No heart.

mr. gillis said...

@Qless: It wouldn't be the first time a good coach is canned because his team are a bunch of fuck-ups.

(Cough) OTTAWA (cough)

moeman said...

TFS™ needs to quit smoking and be smokin'.

mr. gillis said...

Plek just got handed a two game suspension for his slew foot on Grebeshkov

lawyergirl77 said...

That was no slew foot. Nothing would have come of it had Grebeshov not gotten injured.

While Pleky has been playing like monkey crep lately, I still think he's one of the smartest players on the team. My theory is that it has actually been his downfall this year - when you see him play live, you can always tell what the Habs worked on in their practice prior to the game. Unfortunately, the mixed messages Carbo has been sending off (be responsible on D/score like motherfuckers) have messed with him to the point that he has lost his game.

Wake me up when they've fired Carbo.

Anonymous said...

Lawyergirl speaks the truth.

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Anyone else think it's not a cpincidence that this slide conincided with Lang's injury? I loved that acquisition and as much as we need a #4 D and maybe an experienced backup, I think we need a vet centre to replace GBL.

Anonymous said...

We were starting to slide before the Boston game, but Lang's injury didn't help.

I think the slide really started when Price returned, and Price's sieve-like goaltending is a major reason for our bad form.

But the trigger isn't the issue. The issue is Carbo making everything worse with his incompetent man management.

shamos said...

Something has to happen with our beloved club. I think the club could part with Komisarek, Halak,Kovy , Higgins and draft picks and shop for a REAL D-men like Boumeester & and good forward.

I don't think Lantendresse should ever put the uniform back on. He's a flop like most projected.

I think team seriously lacks heart (been missing for a while) and true talented D-men.

If everyone on this team skated and hustled like lapierre they'd be a lot better out there.

Anonymous said...

According to RDS, the new line for tomorrow:

Kovy - Koivu - Kostopoulos

Heavens! Where does one start?

The acronym isn't even the worst thing about this idea.

lawyergirl77 said...

shamos: couldn't disagree more about your assessment of The Tenderness. He was actually playing extremely well with Lapierre. He was actually, along with Pleky, one of the few players who seemed to put what he was taught into practice. Example: his hits became effective this year as opposed to "uh. man. crush. other. man. uh." He now hits his player and rolls away, in control of the puck.

He and Lapierre played really well together and I think his loss hurts us as well. Not as much as Lang (I totally agree with Panger on that point), but it still hurts 'cause he was one of the guys who seemed to give a shit every shift.

lawyergirl77 said...

Perplexed - heh.

I would LOVE to see Patches on that line.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

My biggest fear was that we would turn into the Senators and now it's effen' happening.

Hey, c'mon now. That's just mean.

J.T. said...

Once again, only posting because my verification word is "marlys." Yup. Habs are worse than the leafs. They're actually playing like the guys who aren't good enough to make the leafs. I'll go with the tombstone. Golf actually makes them happy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is worse then the being a leaf, they fall to ground and then are raked up into plastic bags.

Number31 said...


It's not rocket science. When Kovy's sitting in the slot waiting for the puck no one sends it there. Pacioretty does it all the time, but no one is there on his line. (Except when he was with Lapierre).

But forget the lines. How about they start winning faceoffs. I cringe when the TV is telling me they can "take advantage of this icing call" only to know they won't.

I'd use this picture

Anonymous said...

There's a theory that when a team is rolling, and an injured player is ready to come back, you don't put him back in the lineup and mess the chemistry.

That's what happened here. The Habs put Koivu and Higgins back in, despite the fact we were winning. Now we're losing, and you're not going to bench them.

I'm not saying they're the reason, but the chemistry hasn't been the same since.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else listened to the audio on Habs I/O under "The juggling continues"? Price says he "worked his bag off". It's just one great sound bite after another with this guy!

the expos said...

I would say its only a slump, and asides from the mind-boggling retarded coaching moves that nothing here is out of the norm.

But some here would want my head soooo.....

Habs suck

Unknown said...

The slide started in Atlanta. When Koivu came back.

Why? I don't know. I'll you debate it.