Friday, November 20, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Sexy Friday has a thing for TFS

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Carmen Electra's lesbian sex tape...
  • In the Battle of Suck, Leafs lose to the Canes, with all sorts of whackiness like the Leafs blowing a 3-goal lead (well not so whacky), both a go-ahead goal and a tying goal in the last 30 seconds, and another stupid "intent to blow the whistle" calling back a goal in OT;
  • Sens dominate the Pens, wow;
  • B's snap the Thrash win streak with a SO win;
  • The Christo-Wall seems to be good again;
  • Marty Brodeur actually loses a shootout.
Habs in DC tonight for some hot Ovie action.


gillis said...

I must admit, carey's hair is not bad this year. said...

thank you GG11!
finally some male flesh tobe drooled over by the non-testosteroned followers of this blog.

Moey said...

Doesn't matter what the line combos are tonight, it's Price vs. Ovie.

orangeman said...

If Price actually had a body like that then maybe we'd be better than 10-11. Hey-yo! Seriously, he's been fantastic recently. I take back all my insults...till next time.

Is it sad that I'm going to watch this game just to watch Ovie dance around the Habs' D? You're right Moey, it's Price vs Ovie and I can't wait to watch. Ovie is hockey's orgasm. Can Price be the stern lesbian PE coach? Think Porky's.

Habsfan10 said...

Wait, we're still dreaming of Carmen Electra's lesbian sex tape?

moeman said...

Love the equal opportunity pic for da ladies, hope it makes their Friday even sexier. Having typed that, I cannot wait for the sexiness of GG11's game day thread pic.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Back at ya. Look forward to the song. Maybe some blues to complete the perfect pathetic fallacy given the rainy weather and impending loss. said...

if it's a Prive vs Ovie shouldn't thwe song be Russian country?

Moey said...


Sexy if you're twenty something. I'm probably older than Price's ma.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Moey - I feel dirty whenever I look at some of these boys and think "Damn, he's hot"... and then I realize that it would be borderline illegal (or, at least just plain WRONG).


Moey said...


Ha! Salivating over Souray makes me feel slightly pervy, but to be really in my comfort zone it's more like Chelios. *double sigh*.

WF - calesc, as in calesc I hate getting old.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Moey: OMG. Souray. *passes out*



And not pervy for me. W00T!

(Can't chat more... googling Souray pics. Yum.)

Moey said...


Just between you and me, Souray is the reason I started to watch the Habs again, I gave up on them after 1995 (except for playoffs). Saw him and his pad on ET and thought, he plays for us? Woot! How delightfully cougarish and shallow is that!

Carina said...

Souray has a nice nude shot with two other oilers that was in sports illustrated or some other sports magazine. Well worth the googling

GoldenGirl11 said...

@Moey and LG
Since when did you develop Jewish guilt? If you'd like I can put the head of Chelios or Sourray on that body too. Just enjoy the illusion.

Moey said...


In my case, Catholic guilt.

BTW, Souray's own bod is smokin' hot, no need for doubles. And yes, if you have the time and are so inclined some day hot pics of Chelios and Shelly would be greatly appreciated, if the FHF's don't mind.

Chester said...

Hey Hey Hey
Bring back some testosterone into this blog ! Not that I don't appreciate salivating women.

lawyergirl77 said...

GG11 + Moey - Catholic guilt right here too.
Plus, as you know, I grew up in CSL. Two types of guilt, rolled into one, baby!!

KML said...

Guh! What the hell's happened to the FHF comments?

Can we not discuss something civilized? I suggest the Russian lasses over which Ovie will surely be pouring bottles of Dom after scoring a trick tonight.

kevincrumbs said...

@Gillis: Agreed about Carey's hair. I'm just glad he looks more like a Plateau hipster than a fucking hedgehog.

As for Souray's attractiveness, I recall Don Cherry almost jizzing himself (ew) while talking about some purple velvet suit Souray was wearing a couple of weeks ago.

Chester said...

It's kind of a closed little circle blog. They just talk to each other.

L Dude said...

Ladies, don't forget Mike Ricce! Sorry.

Seriously, preview and open thread time! Let's discuss awesome things like Moen back on the top line, Pebbles back in the lineup, along with Kleptobyrne, Pleks manning the 2nd line by himself - he IS that awesome! And the new and improved badass - TFS.

Boob Gainey said...

Don Cherry is the protoypical self hating gay homophobe.

Is it any surprise that he dresses and even looks a bit like John Ratzinger?

Check it out:

Pope Benedict

Don Cherry

moeman said...

CSL = Catholic Since Lapsed?

HabsFan29 said...

OK preview is up kids. Feel free to head up there to talk about the game, and we can leave the ladies here to talk about Souray's pectorals.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Cote St. Luc. 95% Jewish with an average age of about 75. Most famous for being - what I like to think of - the butt of Jacques Parizeau's ethnic comment. He was looking at us.*

*refer to any Mordecai Richler article on the subject

Ugliest. Man. In. Hockey. Ever. Bar none.

@Chester and KML
One day off from boobies and you're all in a huff. Go look at the lesbian tape till the preview. And breathe.

Chester said...

@ GG11

Ya I'll get right at that. Thanks for reminding me cause I forget to breathe all the time.
Chester is out.