Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Boos on Halloween: Habs 5 - Leafs 4 (S.O.)

Bravo to this man last night for telling it like it is

This is going to be short and there may be more later on.

How in the name of Gui! do the Habs need to resort to a shootout when they're holding a 2-goal lead at home against the last place Leafs with less than 4 minutes left in the game.

This after our fans start karoaokying na na na na heh heh goodbye.

This after CBC's Hughson recalls how signature Jacques Martin team can just shut down the opponent when leading in the late stages of a game.

The best thing about this game is the fact that I missed it live to go to a Halloween party where I dressed in the lamest costume ever.

If you want me to post a picture of it, you need to give me reasons why.

A- Why I should post the pic.
B- Why the hell this game went to a shootout.

Komisarek got what he deserved and the scuffles with Max and Gui! suggest something may have been brewing beneath the surface in that locker room for some time. Otherwise, it was just business with the douche now being on the other bench.

This is Jaro's team, by the way. Tough for all TMS lovers. TMS can wait. The time is Jaro.


Anonymous said...

You're blogging has turned shitty... i'm sorry, but you have to start giving us a reason to return. Bad-mouthing everything doesn't give you much credibility.

You guys have slipped BIG time! Figure it out... no wonder you have 10 people commenting at best.

HabsFan29 said...

thanks for stopping in anonymous! this team doesnt make blogging easy, i'll grant you

im sure i'll get to see this costume pic privately anyway, but this game went to a shootout because we suck. how's that for quality blogging, anonymous?

SO really because of the bad juju from the early singing. i hate our crowd sometimes

GoldenGirl11 said...
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kevincrumbs said...

I think that was our second two goal lead of the season. Partly why we had difficulty holding onto it is because the team hasn't had much practice with playing shutdown hockey.

In the spirit of Boone's look back at the first month, I'm pretty satisfied with this team. At this point with the type of hockey they're playing, they're somehow sitting in 7th in the conference. I think that things will only get better for this team. Markov and Rhino will return at some point, the Urologist will stop coughing up the puck as much, AK46 might chip in with some points, Gui might look better, we might stop shooting the puck into the feet of the opposing defencemen, the PP has to get better, as does the PK.

I said it last night and I'll say it again: Patches looks better and better every game. Moen and Metro are heroic. Chips has played well of late.

As for the big debate, I think Jaro and Cari the Fat Wale have looked pretty similar this year. Jaro is also completely useless away from the Bell Centre.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Oh and we went to the shootout because of those uniforms. Believe me. They must be distracting to the players too. It can't be easy to feel professional in those things (Hey, Gionta! You look like youre ready for
milk and cookies!) and I agree with whoever said that it's the socks that really bring it home.

Marketing: ya hi Bob, we're going to be going with those stripes unis again
Bob: I disagree. They caused confusion on the ice and vertigo. The guys don't have confidence when they wear them.
Marketing: uh, ya, bob? We stopped listening after "I". Christmas is 7 weeks away. Hockey is secondary.

GoldenGirl11 said...

If you send me the pic privately I'll Photoshop in the stripper of your dreams and no one will be the wiser since there aren't more than 10 comments at best on this site.

moeman said...

InCHing this thread closer to a glorious 10 comments;

~ the jerseys are just a throwback and it was Halloween, yes they should be mothballed but once in a while ain't so bad

~ the real ugly jerseys were worn by the oppo., especially Dou$harek (nice -3 BTW)

~ Bell Centre fans can sing whenever they fucking feel like, do people want a funeral atmosphere like the acc?

~ Habs biggest rival is, was and will continue to be Pollack, the CH-hating fucktard ref, a Hab should've stuck his stick his helmet

~ I miss Van Hab

moeman said...

Also, I'll take the 7-7 for a Vodkovless October. A couple of bounces here/there and our Habs could be 9-5. Beats being 1-7-4.

WV = ungly, moral victories, as dished out by the CotU media for it's leaf are ungly no matter how victoriously moral they try to make themselves feel

moeman said...

Whilst here, my CH player of da month is none other than Pleks. With all due respect to FHF's fabulous gals, #14 is not playing like a girl. Maybe Saggy Tits can be uplifted in November and perk up his game, a lot.

HabsFan4 said...

Yup, 29, we suck. That's exactly what "anonymous" is waiting to read.

Also, "anonymous", we played so bad and the Habs don't play good.

Have a nice evening.

HabsFan29 said...

woohoo! over 10 comments!

dwgs said...

Woo Hoo, this makes 11 comments!
Suck it Anonymous, if in fact that is your real name.
Nothing more craven than the anonymous drive by putdown.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think anonymous is an attention seeker and just likes to see it's name in print....or it's Michael.

Kmaxx said...

Anyone who thinks this blog sucks doesn't read the comments or just drops by from time to time - thereby missing the point completely...and have the cahones to leave your name next time pussy!!

moeman said...




kevincrumbs said...

I think the amount of comments have dropped after we were all promised free ice cream last year if we hit 200 comments in a open thread. Not only did we not get the ice cream but we also topped 200 comments multiple times.

Broken promises = less comments. It's pretty much the number one rule of blogs.

Number31 said...

Jaro nearly blew the game with his odd ability at being scored on over his shoulder short-side or under his armpits. 'Tis uncanny. Oh and more pucks kicked in by defencemen. RAH!

Lamest shootout ever. Kaberle? Really? Doesn't hold a candle to Markov's superman goals. Thankfully Cammy and Gomez duplicated. Hilarity ensued!

Oh funniest part of the night was when Komisarek went to the penalty box and almost went into the wrong one. Accidentally on purpose? Or maybe he really is a secret agent!

Tom said...

You didn't get ice cream? It was delicious. I think her name was Heavenly Hash or something like that.

This is not Jaro's team. He's beaten the Islanders twice, Leafs (barely), Rangers (barely) and Thrashers, but sucks against teams that are, I don't quite know how to put this, playoff-calibre.

We'll probably dress Halak against the Thrashers and Lightning this week, and leave Price for Boston.

Baroque said...

I didn't get my ice cream either, but I figured the customs people at the Canadian-US border took it and ate it.

Ronan said...

WV: "joint". Seriously.

Now that that's over with - we went to a shootout for two reasons: we have no shutdown defense pairing, and we have no true shutdown line. 3 minutes left in the game, who do you put on the blueline? Gorges and Slowpoke? Mara and Poppin' Fresh (always making turnovers)? Hamr and Jaro 2.0, who're both playing 7 minutes more than they should and who are both offensive defencemen?

And which line do you send on to rag the puck, eat minutes, and come back on defense? Laps is too busy pretending to be a scoring winger, Patches is the weak link on his line, and Chipchura has to babysit Saggy Tits and Stewie/BGL/D'Ags, none of whom are especially strong on the backcheck.

@ Tom
I can't help but wonder if they're trying to inflate Jaro's stats to drive up his trade value...

Gino Tomac said...

I don't hate what we're doing with Price these days...

have him remember what second fiddle feels like.

Shock the shit out of that cocky little fucker and bring him back down to earth a little. Maybe get him to do a few more pushups. As Jaro says, "Cari mouth feed is 2 sausages away from victim of Japanese harpoon boat. Haha, eet's funny cuz he's so fat!"

HabScot said...

Apparently the Canucks dressed the semitic saviour (tm) as a forward on Friday night.

HFF33 aka Panger said...

@29: I still consider myself a "TFS lover", yet I agree with you that Halak is the starter right now. Why can't we all just get along?

@Anon: blow me. And leave your fucking name next time.

GoldenGirl11 said...

It's 1:08 in Montreal but I'll talk to you. Just picked up a kid from a bar mitzvah on St. Jacques and I saw a Hal Gill massive poster outside the Bell. Very strange. You'd think they woulda taken that down by now.

As for Anon I get the feeling that he/she is a serial critic jumping form one blog to another. He who can, does, he who can't comments anonymously.

Cowboyatheart said...

I like to think that they're doing it on purpose. Tossing the leafs some charity points here and there hopefully will keep boston from a lottery pick.

notsoanonymous said...

how is this Jaro's team? no one in front of him seems to be playing any harder because it's
Jaro in nets. the opposition he's faced includes NYI twice, ATL, and the Laughs. even HF29 could win 2 of those games. he beat the Rangers, but the Habs had to score 5 on Lunqvist. the most "run support" Price received in any of his losses has been 2 goals.
let mepoint out the losses:
1. Vancouver: 8-7-0
2. Edmonton: 7-6-1
3. Ottawa: 6-4-2
4. Chicago: 8-4-1
5. Colorado: 10-3-2
Jaro played against 3 teams (Calgary, Pittsburgh, and NYR) with a .500 record and lost twice.
the only thing i've noticed thus far is that Jaro's been lucky enough to play most of his games at home, mainly against weaker teams.

matt - fear the collapse said...

on another note...has anyone seen the cover of the latest maclean's magazine?

Oh, and I agree with notsoanonymous on the goalie front. lets give price a shot against a lesser oponent, preferably on the road so some of the idiotic fans don't start getting on him after he fails to stop a 2 on 0.

Larry said...

When did TFS become TMS?

HabsFan29 said...

@Larry - you got me. I cant keep track of all the acronyms and nicknames on this fucking site