Thursday, November 26, 2009

Well you didn't seriously expect them to win, did you? Pens 3, "Habs" 1

As the only FHF'er to have seen the game last night and not be in court today (as a lawyer; I do have that "possession with intent to distribute" preliminary hearing later), yours truly has been drafted to review yesterday's matchup between the Pens and one of the top teams in the AHL. But I don't want to. Not that I'm shirking my responsibilities as a blogger (wait, we have responsibilities?), but I really don't know what to say that I didn't already say in TMS this morning. It was really a decent showing for a 3-1 loss. Overall, the team played hard and didn't embarrass themselves. Fin.

100 years of glory, and we've come to the point where "not embarrassing ourselves" is a victory. I feel shame.

14 comments: said...

"100 years of glory" ???
not every year was glorious (seems to me lots of rant in this blog re. Houle/Savard era). luckily for me I missed most of the stinkers due to an extented stay in Europe in the pre-live internet feed era. means I also missed the 93 year !!!!

maybe we should be concentrating not so much on the glory but the 100 years part. pretty impressive for team sports that did not start in antiquity (marathon)

HabsFan29 said...

point take bea i guess. the Habs marketing department may finally be influencing my brain

Jimmy G said...

Markov is skating apparently to display

Jaro 2.0, too. Can't be that bad of a day.

moeman said...

Saw some of the game, 3rd period wasn't too bad. The kids were alright.

habsss said...

Here's to hoping Ovechkin gets suspended for the Hamilton/Caps game on Saturday. Haha who am I kidding.

L Dude said...

moe, the kids weren't terrible but they weren't great. Not that we expect a lot from them.

Wyman - 8 shifts, 5:59, -2
Your boy Chips - 6 shifts, 5:12, Even
Desharnais - 12 shifts, 7:55, -1
No shots from them.

L'il Tits though - 24 shifts, 17:48, 1 assist (point per game player), +1

Though I prefer big tits, this proves that little ones can be OK sometimes too.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Gone three days and you've been reduced to funny faces. Glad I missed the game but caught the review.

kevincrumbs said...

@moeman: The kids are alright? Are you foreshadowing and letting us know which song is coming up?

I enjoy watching this team a lot more than last year's train wreck.

moeman said...

@kc, just referencing a previous parody.

moeman said...

Dou$harek might be on the ice for next week's tilt with the fucking leaf.

L Dude said...

Anybody take a close look at the December schedule? Probably, since we're pretty much all freaks on here. Anyway, it's crazy!

The "Holy Fuck"s
17 games
4 back to backs
7 game road trip from Dec 19 -31

The "Make or Break"s
7 inter-divisional games
Only 1 western team (we suck against them) as Gui's Gone Wild returns in the game before the big road trip.
Aforementioned back to backs. Of those 8 games in the 4 back to backs none of the other teams are playing in the last of a back to back.

The "Hey, we got a chance to do real fucking good here"
7 game road trip:
Technically all winable games. Except they always suck on that Florida trip.
The "hmmmm"
Only 1 game against:

I see a December record in the vicinity of 10-5-2.

Optimism - life's ridalin (sp?).

Moey said...

L Dude, if we get some bodies back December might not be too bad.

As for your predilection for big tits, didn't anyone tell you more than a mouthful is wasted?

Boob Gainey said...

I wouldn't read much into the scoreline or the 3rd period.

The Pens didn't over-exert themselves.

Markov skating is good fucking news.

Number31 said...

Considering last time was a flu-ridden slap-fest, the kids did better running on fumes. Also suffered the blows of a ref that doesn't know how to count to 3 (2nd goal in Price's pad for 3 seconds, Patches behing hit from behind 3 seconds after he dumped the puck). But whatever. If you wear the mighty Penguin, you naturally get a free pass. At least Pleky shrugged off Crosby with a "fuck you" elbow ^_^

That was a great setup by Sergei for Patches' goal too.

But that was yesterday. OMGMARKOV is the news today!