Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Morning Skate for Thursday, November 19th

Bullet points for waht you missed while dreaming of Carmen Electra's lesbian sex tape...
You knowwhat we need? A Habs injuries drinking game. Anyone got any good ideas? All we can think of is any time a Hab gets injured, we get drunk. But there has to be something more creative.


J.T. said...

Haven't given much thought to an injury-related drinking game. I've been busy planning the one I'll be using tomorrow to kill the pain of watching Ovechkin versus Bergeron.

Boob Gainey said...

France cheats its way into the world cup finals.

Moey said...

Taken from Google, maybe something like this, everytime they mention an injured player during the game we have to drink.

TV/ Movie Beer Game

You need: People, a television, and something to watch (a show on TV or a DVD)

This drinking game is played at someone’s house and is equally good with just a few people as it is with a lot of people. Everyone agrees on a television show or movie to watch. You can watch it on TV, but it’s best if it’s on a DVD. Before the movie or show starts, you make the rules of when everyone has to take a drink.

For instance, if you’re watching The Simpsons, you could make up a rule that everyone takes a drink every time Homer says, “doh” and everyone has to drink two drinks every time Homer or Bart’s name is mentioned. Use you imagination and have fun with it.

GoldenGirl11 said...

So for a real drunken frenzy everyone drinks...
- when someone clears the puck over the glass
- we have 6 skaters on the ice
- we have less than five shots in the first

I'd say a shot for every mistake but that wouldn't be a drinking game, that would be alcohol poisoning.

cottoneye said...

Just drink everytime Brunet says Guillaume. You'll be drunk before the end on the first.

moeman said...

The (Blasted Because of Benoit Brunet Beer Booze game) (aka the BBBBBB game) sounds like fun.

~ drink when BB says "Gu:((aume"

~ drink when BB says "convaicu"

~ drink when BB says "j'ai pasd'problèmes avec ça"

~ drink when BB says "Price aurait pu faire mieux"

~ drink when BB says "en 1993"

GoldenGirl11 said...

Again, alcohol poisoning.

moeman said...

@GG11, you are the consummate FHF team player, put your trust in Benoit.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'll be drunk before the anthem again... I mean drunk before the anthem.

kmaxx said...

My thoughts on a drinking game would be as follows...

Shooting the puck over the glass - 1 drink for everyone

Defensive turnovers in neutral zone - 1 drink

Defensive turnovers in our zone - 2 drinks (we will all be very drunk I fear!)

Turnovers leading to goal - down the drink (again...see above!)

Shot from the point on PP that misses the net - 1 drink

Shot from the point on PP that hits the net - 2 dr...ahh come on - who's kidding who - that will never happen...

I could go on - but we'll all be too drunk to remember anyt more - so fuck it - let's just get drunk and hope for the best!

Go Habs Go!

J.T. said...

@kmaxx: Well, if you want to see the end of the game, the rules will have to be more specific. For example, if you say you're gonna drink every time Ovy twists our Ds out of their jocks, then you'll be loaded by the second intermission. If, however, you pick a specific D...let's say Spatch...and only drink when HE gets denuded by Ovy, then you last longer. Unless, of course, the end of the game is likely to be too painful to watch anyway, in which case, bottoms up!

Ronan said...

@ moeman
You forgot
-drink when BB says "et il rate de justesse!"

My suggestions:

MAB falls down on a powerplay - 1 drink

Gu:( misses his hit and crashes heavily into the boards - 1 drink

Goal against goes in off a skate, a defenseman's stick, someone's helmet, a broken stick, Price's ass, a linesman, or underneath the post (and still counts) - 1 drink. Double for each obstacle it goes in off (ie. Gorges' skate to Ovie's stick off Price's ass - 4 drinks)

Gorges falls on top of Price - 1 drink, 2 if it results in a goal

Hab gets cheapshotted and BGL stands around looking awkward - 2 drinks

Flukey goal against following extended pressure in the Caps' zone - 2 drinks

Le Douze said...

@Ronan (etc)

MAB falls on a PP - that sounds like alcohol poisoning. too much.

How about these safer options:

After a nasty scrum in front of either team's net, BGL beams at everyone - 1 drink (actually, maybe not so safe).

Or for that matter, every minute BGL sets foot on the ice - 1 drink. (that should be safe).

Every time someone mentions the words "tendon" and "severed" in the same sentence - 1 bottle. (Not safe, but a necessary exercise in mental self-preservation).

wv: unkini - MAB's bvd's after an awesome Ovie maneuver. (oy, vey!)

GoldenGirl11 said...

Poor Urologist. Everybody's picking on him. I say catheterize the poor bastard and stick him in the trunk already.