Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, November 12th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of FOX canceling yet another Joss Whedon show...
Habs head to the desert tonight for what I'm sure will be a huge crowd in Phoenix.


Number31 said...

Rough night for Steve Mason. Funny how I don't hear Columbus ready to run him out of town. Montreal could maybe take notes before BOOING PRICE IN FUCKING WARMUP. Ingrates.

But yea, that was painful to watch...

gillis said...

Habs have scored 2 goals in their last three games. The wings have scored 9 goals in their last one game. thats depressing

gillis said...

and the leafs are 5-1-1 in their last seven. now i'm even more depressed

cottoneye said...

They can't be 5-1-1. They haven't won 5 games yet I think. I thought they had like 3 wins max.

L Dude said...

Yeah, their record is 3-8-5, so???

I couldn't get through the first paragraph, or even the title for that matter, but here's a thing on our favourite douchbag from

Komisarek's leadership shines through tough start BLECH!

Habsfan10 said...

Has anyone stopped to think that maybe Josh Whedon's shows keep getting cancelled because they suck?

No? Just me? Fine. Fuck you all. I'm going back to my "According to Jim" DVD collection.

HabsFan29 said...

@10 - BLASPHEMER!!!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

Is it Josh or Joss? And why do you all have so much time to watch tv?

L Dude said...

@29: I'm a big fan of Whedon's stuff, but seriously, even the smokin' hot Eliza Dushku couldn't save Dollhouse. I so wanted to like it, but it just sucks ass.

Firefly. Now that's a different story. I hear it was quashed by American Conseratives. Much the way Harper quashed Hatching, Matching and Dispatching but puts home grown tripe like Heartland and Little Mosque (though I'm sure some like this show) and pay for Jeopardy and Wheel (at much more of a cost than it would have been to keep the HNIC theme - just sayin'.)

On the TV train, Fringe still has my attention, but it's waning. Same with Flash Forward. I watch too much TV. Oh well, as my WV says "sianara". Wait I refreshedand the new WV is caphero. Is that a GM that's really good at managing the cap?

GoldenGirl11 said...

And, despite a plus/minus number that must keep Komisarek up at night, he is also delivering value on the ice. His 41 hits in 16 games leads the Maple Leafs by a large margin and is in the top-30 in the League. He has also blocked 38 shots -- eight more than any other Leaf and good for No. 14 in the League.

Funny, doesn't mention that so far he is the runaway winner for the Ryan O'Byrne Award for most goals on his own net.

HabsFan29 said...

@L Dude - did you see Epitaph One? It's the DVD only episode. Best hour of sci-fi since Firefly's Jaynestown episode. Really indicated where the series was going. it was mind-blowing

Flashforward had hints of good stuff in the last ep. we'll see. Fringe needs to get back to the alternate universe mythology

@GG - it's definitely Joss, and I don't have 4 kids.

Lukestar said...

Since when is being top 30 something to be proud of? If I'm top 30 in sales at my job do I get a plaque? Fackin Leaf Lovers.

On the TV tip, anyone watch Rescue Me? How is this show still under the radar?

WV = aldishis. My girlfriend promised me if the Habs win tonight she'll do aldishis.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Yes. Work, school and this site couldn't possibly take up that much time.

WV: temself as in I encourage the kids to raise temself but I still don't have time for tv (nothing beats the site of a 3 year old making Kraft Dinner. Hilarious!)

Habsfan10 said...

Wait, three year olds can make their own Kraft Dinner?

GoldenGirl11 said...

Fuck ya!
1. Yank on pot drawer until poorly installed child proof thingie falls off
2. Drag chair to stove
3. Put pot on stove and pull faucet to fill pot with water
4. Put gas on high
5. Spill KD into water. Pick up noodles that fall on floor and throw into pot
6. find Herculean strength to drain
7. Add cheese and milk and butter
8. Dial 911 for quick trip to emerg
9. Invite Social Services in for tea

Actually Kids have been making eggs and KD in the micro since they were 8. They also do their own stinky hockey laundry. Their wives will thank me.