Friday, November 13, 2009

It's a Sexy Friday the 13th Morning Skate

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Sophie Monk in a bikini...
  • Well, you can imagine our surprise, when after a 0-0 first period that literally put us to sleep, we awoke to find the Habs had scored 4 goals! 2 on the PP! And won in regulation! Then we looked at the shot totals (20 apiece!) and are impressed the rest of you stayed awake. More later;
  • Ray Emery gets some sweet, sweet revenge, then possibly kicks the crap out of someone, beating his former team 5-1;
  • Boston loses in a shootout in a real goalie battle;
  • Devils take care of the Pens, in Pensburgh, going to 9-0 on the road. Wow;
  • Kovy comes back, gets 3 points to help the Thrash beat the Rangers;
  • We're pretty sure there were some games involving Western teams;
  • In case you missed it in the comments yesterday, Komi is out for 3 weeks.
Here are your highlights. Includes actual Habs goals!


habsss said...

That was the most fucking boring-est game of the season. My brother was passed out by the third.

Chris Nilan said...

I went off to masturbate instead of watching the 3rd period.

That's how bored I was. said...

hey GG11, love te pic especially the ref's face.
but I'm a bit perplexed. what exactly is between girl on the left's thigh? a ghostly hand?
for some weird reason it's the first thing I noticed in the pic.

game yesterday was boring but you know what, let's stop whining and TAKE THE FUCKING WIN

GoldenGirl11 said...

It's a ghostly light. No hand there. Just a magic glow. That's what happens when the Habs put me into a hypnotic coma. Things will get past me. Not as easy to Photoshop while sleeping as you would think. said...

really? a light?
seriously I think there's some weird creepy friday the 13th thing going on in that pic.

i can't believe FHF make syou work nights.
I belive that's slavery.
or were you still on a high from last night's win? or last night
s wine?
these guys can definitely drive one all to drink. just when you write them off hey manage to surprise you

GoldenGirl11 said...

Yup. Check out for the original. As for work hours I make my own. Nothing like a quiet house and some insomnia to spark creativity. No one slave drives me except myself. FHF are a very appreciate bunch. Love these guys.

lawyergirl77 said...

Read the game thread last night. Am pissed that I passed out after drinking a bottle of wine with Mr. LG77 at L'Échaudé (great Quebec City resto for those of you who have the chance to visit La Basse Ville).

Honest truth: when he shook me awake and told me that the Habs were up 3-1, I thought either that I was dreaming or that he was too drunk to read the score properly.

And I just read the game thread - still giggling. +infinity for all of you who braved the boredom in order to stay awake!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

Bored yes but no one was really talking hockey from what I can remember. I believe I threw things off considerably last night. said...

by throwing things off, you're opening yourself from some great Moeman innuendos.

I always read the comments the next morning as I can't seem to get my ass together to blog during games.
I'm ususally thinking up some witty remark when the opposing team scores at which poitn I glumly delete evrythign and swear my head off.
If the habs score Iususally jump up and send my laptop flying.
then i ownder why I'm having computer problems

Boob Gainey said...

Thatcher dead! said...

Oh and did I mention, I can't type for shit !!!!

Chester said...

OK I've said it before, but why doesn't TFS have that dangling plastic thingy hanging from his mask to protect his throat. He just goes commando out there and boom bang Lang roofs one. Fuck shit boobs .

gillis said...

@GG11: You mean, that's not the orginal picture?

@bea: My laptop is always too far. If I think up a funny/smart remark, I always need to convince myself that it isn't funny or smart so I don't want to go post it.