Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Game Day Skate tries to catch its breath for Tuesday, November 24th

Whew. That was some kind of end of day yesterday. Buh-bye Gui. We'll sort of miss you, but not really. And given some of what you said to CKAC, we're thinking don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Upon a night's reflection, we're hoping this ends up as one of those trades where both players benefit from some new digs.

Lost in the trade shuffle yesterday was the fact that BGL got 5 games for the knee on knee business from Saturday night. Whatevs. Some people think it's too much considering some of the shorter supsensions for head hits and Ovie's non-suspension for basically the same thing last year, others are saying it's not enough because the league should have sent a message. They're all missing the key point here - BGL can't be a waste of space for 5 games. W00t!

There was plenty of action around the NHL last night, lots of it needing more than 60 minutes. Dwayne Roloson stopped a million shots to lead the Isles past the Leafs in OT. Two goals down, the Sens rallied to win in OT in the battle of nations' capitals. And Sid the Kid gets the OT winner over the Panthers.

There is only one game in the NHL tonight. All eyes on Montreal for BJs-Habs. Feel the excitement! Despite getting shellacked by Gaborik last night, Columbus is still better than us. Columbus!


boob gainey said...

If the Leafs get themselves a keeper they'll be better than us too.

habsss said...

The only thing I can say about Gui is that at least (as far as I know) he didn't complain while he was on the team.

L Dude said...

I've searched around and I am surprised not to see the headline:


I thought it was obvious, but maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

@LD That`s a funny one!!

What a wonderful morning:

-Little Tits is back in town
-Gui:( has been shipped out of town
-and BGL is out of the lineup for AT LEAST 5 games!

It`s like all of our "prayers" have been answered!

lawyergirl77 said...

I just read the ESPN profile re: Pouliot. Heartbreaking story for that kid... Worth the read.

CivilizedWorm said...

Man, I love how the french media acknowledged throughout the beginning of the season that Gui! simply wasn't doing the job he was asked to do and wasn't playing with heart. But now that he's traded, they're all "OMFG!! HE NEVER GOT CHANCES!!"

And then they compare to AK46 who apparently, has had ALL THE CHANCES IN THE WORLD, but fail to mention that AK46 spent several games playing on the fourth fucking line.

PS. you think Renaud Lavoie went down on Gui! after that interview post-trade? I've got a 5$ that says he did.

HabsFan29 said...

@LG - oh man, heartbreaking is right. how am I going to boo him now when he sucks?

lawyergirl77 said...

@HF29 - Heh. I was thinking the same thing when I read the piece. At the same time, I really don't think that his heart is in the game anymore (with good reason).

But, hey, Gui's heart wasn't in it anymore, either, what with all of the shit (divorce, kid, girlfriends etc.) that was in his life. And I'm willing to cut Pouliot a heckuva lot more slack over his back story.

The Franco media is pissing me off yet again with their Gui spin. Siiigh.

Boob Gainey said...

Forgetting about the Franco media and the fact that Gui was French, does anyone else think the Habs are maybe not the best at taking care of young players?

On an unrelated topic, does anyone think Mark Streit is a good defenceman after seeing this?

lawyergirl77 said...

@Boob - Oh, I TOTALLY do. But I also think that a lot of Gui's problems are a generational thing. Things come easy for him, he thinks he deserves praise because that's what motivates him, rather than tough love etc. etc. That's what the "tape dans le dos" comments really scream for me. And people like Reggie Tremblay just accept that positive reinforcement is the only way to go.

To be honest, it's a problem that a lot of law firms and other professional associations are facing - how to movtivate the Gen Ys.

The Habs are probably stuck in an old school, negative reinforcement "put up or shut up and work your ass off, slacker" type of model. It's mentoring by hectoring, and it's no longer a model that works. The days of Scotty Bowman are long gone... Jacques Martin is unfortunately not the type of manager who gets that (see: bag skates and Gui's comments).

I'm not advocating a "rah rah" attitude where rookies are told how wonderful they are on a constant basis. I also think that a great deal of Gui's attitude came from the fact that he was dubbed the Next Great Francophone hope and that he bought every last fucking word of the pablum that the media was feeding him.

I just think that the balance has shifted in terms of what kinds of development yields results for rookies... and that the Habs have fallen way short in that department.

First thing I would do - no rookie is allowed to live alone in Mtl. Shack up with a vet, à la Crosby and Malkin. Would have done wonders for Price...

soperman said...

Maybe players need a tragic backstory to succeed in Montréal like Metro.

It shouldn't make a difference. If he can't play, booing is the fans way of getting their message across. Not like Toronto where they cheer for incompetence.

CivilizedWorm said...

What did Gui! do this year to deserve "une tape dans le dos"?

It's true that there's been a recent shift advocating positive reinforcements and such, but man, Gui! wasn't in it this year, he didn't put up the effort required.

Are we going to have to start sucking up to players so they put up the required effort? I don't buy it. The guy plays HOCKEY for a LIVING. what more positive reinforcements does he need?

Martin is not afraid to point out things he likes in players. He has applauded Carey Price's attitude this year and work ethic on numerous occasions.

The fact of the matter is Gui!'s role on the team was clearly defined for him. He did nothing to adhere to that role.

lawyergirl77 said...

@CivilizedWorm - I'm more of the "tough love" type myself. I'm just saying, in repsonse to Boob's very apt question, that we seem to, well, SUCK at developing young players... and that more of a positive approach (less Scotty Bowman, more Kirk Muller) could be the answer.

As for Gui - whiny bitch can take the little Fuckitty Fuck's exit door and I hope it hits him on his way out.

Boob Gainey said...

More injuries tonight.

Gomey and Spacek out.

We've recalled some guy called JT Wyman that I have never heard of.

I also note that the Blue Jackets now have RJ Umberger.

It could be bad.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'll have some of whatever it is you're having. I feel like setting something on fire!!

Ronan said...

@ Boob
Don't forget that Garon is playing, so the French-Canadian Goalie Curse is in effect, too!

Looking forward to a good game despite the injuries - hopefully 32B (I'll promote him to 36C if he plays well) gives the offense a shot in the arm (I really hope he doesn't take the inevitable booing to heart), and with BGL and Lats gone, our checking lines may actually check!

Fun(?!) Fact: The Canadiens have 26.77 million dollars either injured or suspended right now. That's more than Calgary spends on their entire offense.