Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, November 16

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of setting a Monday Night Football scoring record...
  • The world waits for news on Vodkov. He certainly won't play tonight and various reports have him out 3 months, 8 months, a year, or the millennium. GG11 has her own take on the medical speculation;
  • In prep for the Habs tonight, the Flyers went out and crushed the Sens 5-1;
  • Normally you'd say "wow, the Bs shut out the Devils, not the other way around." Not this year;
  • Jaro allowed 6 GA as the Blues continue their slide, losing their 4th in a row;
  • Speaking of goalies, last week's NHL first star is a certain TFS;
  • Ryan Calllahan had the Gordie Howe hat trick in the Rangers' wild-ending 3-2 (OT) win over the Pens;
  • Speaking of the Rangers, Sean Avery is an asshole;
  • There's a whole kerfuffle about Colin Campbell and some emails, but we're too lazy or disinterested to figure it all out. Colin Campbell will do what he gonna do and ain't no one gonna stop him;
  • We have our first coach firing of the year! Islanders, no surprise; 
  • The Bruins tracked down the drunken chick who kicked a hole in a Garden bathroom pillar, and she apologized. For what, being awesome? The woman is a hero, dammit;
  • Your power rankings people are finally giving the Habs at least a little love: TSN has them 6th, ESPN 7th, THN 7th too.
In advance of the Flyers tonight, we have our first ever reader-submitted Photoshop! Lap dance to habs4eva for the submission. Mmm, breakfast.


moeman said...

Good read about collie's criminal mind.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Awesome photoshop!

Mmmmm, Photoshop assistance

Steve said...

In 1978 a high as medically possible person travelling along the 6th Astral plain attending the David Bowie concert at the old fourm, tried to enter through the windows right in front of the old hockey stick escalators, there was no door there and a huge pane of glass shattered, that fan has never been identified.

I am sure that Fan wishes it had happened in Philadelphia. He hates the flyers more than the Bruins and Leafs combined. There shitty orange sweaters, that stupid logo,and their long haired greasy apes. Their Booby Clarke and his bum buddy. GYFH 5 -2 victory and Lego gets a goal and an assist.

Steve said...

@moman not only do we have to overcome the laffs building Boston into a dynasty, we have to fight the whole NHL regulatory infrastructure firmly in the grip of Boston or anyone but Montreal, some things never change.

Kmaxx said...

@steve - holy shit dude...lighten up a bit - get yourself back on the vintage Astral plain - the Phucken Phlyers are scum, sure, but come on...How can anyone hate them MORE than the Laffs AND the B's? As a lifetime Habs fan who had to live in tranna for 12 years, I can tell you - it is not possible!

Steve said...

@Kmaxx the leafs had Eddie Shack, how can you hate Eddie Shack, so I can not totally hate the Leafs. Same for the Bruins, Bobby Orr, cant hate him.

The Flyers have nothing, not one likeable player in history. Putting on the sweater transforms every one into Ken Linesmen. It is a team of Ken Linesmen. RATS big FUCKing RATs with Cocks this - long.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Sorry. John LeClair and Eric Desjardins.

Kmaxx said...

@Steve - Any love I had for Bobby Orr was more than cancelled out by Phil fucken Esposito. As for Eddie Shack - I think those two words sum up the Toronto Maple Leafs as a hockey entity

wv - I hate torano more than any other team ever!

soperman said...

"Sean Avery is an asshole." Good scoop. I think if everyone ignores him he will just go away. Maybe he could become a professional wrestler.

Steve said...

@Golden Girl

Sure they were great guys as Habs, but once they put on the orange, dead rats to me. I hate Rocky, I hate the liberty bell, and the coup d grace, Micheal Vick and Chris Pronger play for Philly. I can see them dogfighting.

Steve said...

@Kamaxx I might consider the combo of Phil and Ken Hodge to be unbeatable, and no doubt I hate Toronto fans more than anything.

swarkles said...

I'm actually feeling optimistic about tonight. Must be the photoshop

habs4eva said...

@goldengirl11: Thanks! I'll be at the game tonight. I want to see Brie(re) get smoked. (and yes, it's even more awesome that their *star* player has a last name related to cheese.)

I was kicked out of the Phlyers stadium last year (habs won har har)--their fans better not phuck with us tonight!!!