Friday, November 19, 2010

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, November 19

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Nathalie Portman in a thong...
  • Maybe we can just forget last night's 3-0 loss to the Preds ever happened. Maybe that will make life easier. Of course, if it exposed how much we may suck, well that's a problem. Dip in the road or first game in a slide? Great opposing goalie or scoring problems again? We'll see we guess. All we can say is GOC! God we love that name. Sounds Klingon. More later today if we can stomach it;
  • Swiss Mister II was called up yesterday to uh, sit in the pressbox?
  • 8-7 Bolts over Philly. My goodness;
  • Bruins really nipping at our heels in the Northeast after their 4-0 win over the Panthers, thanks to Tuukka Rask this time and a Lucic hat truck;
  • Even the Leafs can beat the Devils;
  • Our old friend the Little Fuckity-Fuck got his first two goals of the year including the OT winner as the Stars beat the Sharks 5-4;
  • NHL Wheel of Justice lands on 3 games for Olli Jokkinnen.
OK Preds, we bow to your superiority this morning. You bested the Habs in ice girls' bikini photo shoots. Happy Sexy Friday all.

via good old 25Stanley


soperman said...

You know that a Friday is really sexy when it can keep yesterday's date and no one cares.

WV - wacho as in "Mike Richards is a true phucking wacho.

HabsFan29 said...

i was distracted by Nathalie Portman's ass. fixed

Chester said...

Much better. I was getting worried.
On a hockey note,anybody know what happened to Jaro's face

Steve said...

A very successful SF, I just want to caution PFK, do not be as cocky as the FHF fan base on SF, that would be going to far.

We need Louis Louis Leblanc up for Saturday's Jihad on ice. Kid Kardi despite going for the odd skate around the net while the play is in his own end, is on fire, the Toronto Star described his performance as like Guy Lafluer with Bossy's shot. Not since Gretzky and some Finish Fucker has there been a combo with the chemistry of Kardi and donut boy.

Weber studying the PP from the pressbox, fucking clever, why not just get him a playstation. He can play from Fucking Switerland, Le But, hey Chocula I got 4 power play goals in an hour, can I play now.


soperman said...

@ 29

I wasn't criticizing. I was complimenting the post, it is a contender for the FHF Hall of Fame. Natalie Portman and that video - I would go home but my wife is more strick about "not going to FHF with the grandson around" than my boss is strick about "not going to FHF during work."

Sad, none of my relations loves Sexy Friday like I do. Maybe I should introduce my father to FHF.

dwgs said...

Over the course of the day I shall endeavour to use that excuse as much as possible.
"Did I finish the TPS reports? Uh, sorry, I was distracted by Natalie Portman's ass."
"Sorry honey I forgot to pick the kids up from school, you see, I was distracted by Natalie Portman's ass."
Oh, it's gonna be a good day.

the Maritimer said...

I couldn't really give a flying fuck about losing to a boring, useless, Bettman wet dream, redneck team like Nashville. I went to bed after two periods of that mess. Why I even bothered to start I don't know. That was a sucker game anyway. Let's hope they can put the miserable leaf away tomorrow night, that would be much more satisfying.

Steve said...

@Maritimer, no way it was a full wet one, a wet one would include four quarters, traveling calls by the ref, and throwing the puck up in the air at face offs.