Friday, November 19, 2010

A Habs Loss In Three Themes: Preds 3, Habs Another Zero

Yeah, that sucked. Again. And what's with all the shutouts? Is it some kinda rule that you have to win by shutout now? Anyway, to reflect the poor effort of the Habs last night, here's another Twitter recap:

GiantTurtleSquid take the night off. Decent effort, no bounces. No one else steps up up front. Goc with a pair. Pekka Rinne. (122, who-hoo!)

And now I'll rip off the bright ideas of my cohorts cause it's Friday and I'm still kinda stoned:

Theme One: Goaltending History

There was over 37' of goaltender dressed last night: 6'6 Andres Lindback, 6'5 Pekka Rinne, and 6'4 Alex Auld and 6'3 TFS(tm). This is the reason I'm not in the NHL. 9 to 12 measly inches.

Which is to say that Montreal and Nashville are goaltending factories. Montreal drafted and developed Garon, Theo, Halak, Price and Vokoun. Nashville can also claim Vokoun, and since he's left they seem to thrust a new unknown into a starring role every year: Chris Mason, then Dan Ellis, then Rinne and now Lindback. Meanwhile, the Goon Squad down in Philly haven't found a goalie on their own since Hextall. And the Lindros Trade was almost 20 years ago. (Those of you old enough to remember Hextall running an ambush on Chris Chelios back in '89 that an al-Queda operative would have been proud of may now freak out about how old you are.)

Theme Two: Cowboy Movies

The Good: Cheering Francis Bouillon. Well done, Bell Centre fans. But I'm glad he's not good enough to crack our top 6. Have a nice career, Franky!

And this:

(For the record, she's 20 so I'm just creepy, not a felon.)

The Bad: Sergei Kostitsyn and Andrei Kostitsyn. They were so bad they don't even deserve the honour of me using their nicknames. Well done on the booing of The Younger, Bell Centre fans. Have a nice KHL career, Sergei.

And this:

(Those eyes would get me to do bad things...)

The Ugly: minus 8, GiantTurtleSquid, combined. Ouch. Count Chocula, let the pushups begin!

And this:

(Okay, I'm excited for Potter, sue me.)

Theme The Third: Sexy Friday!

Here's FHM's top 5 Sexiest of 2010. And here's a link to the Top 100. Now go waste the rest of your Friday, something.

#5 Blake Lively

#4 Britney, bitches

#3 Kristen Stewart

#2 Megan Fox

#1 Marisa Miller

I'm gonna go get baked and see Harry Potter Part 7 Part 1.


Chester said...

Why doesn't Meagan Fox open her eyes?

HabsFan29 said...

that pic of Marisa made me Goc all over myself

Steve said...

Panger top six, who ever heard of top 5, this is more Betmann mind fucking, as a result, we have to click and spend precious seconds hiding NSFW stuff at work. Number 6 was Jessica Alba, and on the FHM list only number 1 and number 6 would make Tiger pull out his putter.

I am a blood relative of Pekka Rinne, yes I am a fucking Finnish fuck. Did that fucker give me tickets invite me to the game, no, he does not even acknowledge our existence, the shutout was my fault, family feud and all that.

dwgs said...

Heh heh, I got your 9 to 12 inches right here, heh.

soperman said...

I think Harry Potter's girlfriend has to pee. (She is crossing her legs.)

37' of goalie? You're a lawyer not an accountant, right?

Habsfan10 said...

There's no way in hell Kristen Stewart or Britney are hotter than Blake Lively. FHM is fucking crazy.

I'd like to see more of Hermione's Deathly Hallows, amiright?

Steve said...

Chocula must have put the FHM line up together, all the parts are there but the order its like the Laffs draft list. Number 76 is number 2 or number 1 and Number 69 has to make the top SIX.

swarkles said...

I love Marisa Miller and Megan Fox but Kristen Stewart? She's about as appealing as the Habs were yesterday.

moeman said...

I'll take all five plus Mme. Portman.

moeman said...

Not surprised, media is giving asshole richards a free pass (Laughs).

moeman said...

RDS- BROSSARD - Mauvaise nouvelle pour Marc-André Bergeron : le jeune Yannick Weber s'est amené à Montréal animé de l'intention ferme de prouver au Canadien qu'il n'aura pas à engager un défenseur de l'extérieur de l'organisation cette saison afin de combler la perte d'Andrei Markov. (Laughs)