Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, November 9th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of Larry Smith leaving the Als...
  • TMS is easy when there was only one game the night before. 3-2 Wings over the Yotes;
  • Congrats to the Hall class that was inducted yesterday. We've already ranted about this class, so we'll just say Pat Burns;
  • Let's use this time to take a spin around the Habosphere where JM is a trending topic: Number31 is quoting Guns 'n Roses to complain about some of Chokula's moves while Moey defends the coach, All Habs says the coach is coaching too much, while 25Stanley has more important things to discuss, like introducing you to the Habs fan who just won the World Series of Poker;
  • We're all counting down the minutes til noon today to determine the fate of Dustin Boyd who was placed on waivers yesterday, a necessary move to ship him to Steeltown;
  • Your happy moment of the morning is the fact that the Leaf has lost 8 of its last 9. Don't worry, we're sure the Habs will catch up to that soon.
Starting tonight, with Vancouver in town.


orangeman says 6am would not exist in a just world said...

Pittsburgh? ooooooohhhh, the other Steeltown. That took me at least an hour.

moeman said...

Score Y F H !

Steve said...

The only question is will Dino show his dog?

If Burka does not take Boyd, I will eat my last remaining Peyote Coyote.

Hadulf said...

Can we still use the home boy goalie excuse if we lose tonight?

I mean, it makes perfect sense, right?

Leafs are sucking it again! MOUHAHAHAHHAA!!!

Wait, The Traitor has more points than the Mexican and Eller (is he Lego for some reason) combined!!!

Steve said...

@hadulf Lego is the Danish part of a interlocking hockey team.

Steve said...

live the fan 590 Tampa Tribune sports writer talking about our Guy.

"He is alot like Brother Andre, he does not eat or sleep, and is beloved by all Tampa. Single hand has made Tampa a pleasure to watch. He is luring people back to the building but refuses puck bunnies. One of the players had a back strain, Steve Valley but Guy has cured him. The team now skates every night on water. There is no sickness in dressing room"

L Dude said...

Gomez-Kostitsyn-Lapierre? Really.
Is that then the Mexican Titty Lapdance line?
At this point, I'm all for giving Laps a shot on the 2nd line. What the hell. But why take DD off of Pleks' line - the only guy with some size in the top 5...geez I can't even say top 6 because WE DON'T HAVE ONE.
Well, maybe the Giant Turtle Squid will tame the Orca tonight.
I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to regret watching this game though.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Big tits having a great start with Pleky and Cammy this season?
Oh! That's right, Martin needs to get Gomez going so better destroy the working line to achieve that goal. Calice!
Great logic!
Lapierre on the second is better than Moen any day. Lapierre is not that good but can't be worst than Moen. I love how much depth we have when you can't find a guy to play on the two first lines....Tabarnak.

Oh wait...Leafs suck! What else is new?

Keep up the good work guys


Anonymous said...

I forgot the most important thing!!!!
After last week's loss Jean-Sebastien Giguere full aware of the status of the sinking ship (well this is really polite actually since the Leafs boat is more like the odyssey to the center of the earth at this point considering their abyssmal state for decades) the Leafs are said this: Well you can not expect us to come back from the 29th position and make the playoffs right the next year!!!!!!!!!!
I MEAN HOW LOW CAN IT GET? Your number goalie after 1/8 of the season is already calling it off.

Leafs really really really suck bad.That's make it all look so harmless with Lapierre on the second line.



Steve said...

@little Dude

very observant about the turtle and the orca. There must be some native Canadian legend about the result of such a meeting.