Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, November 10th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a cheap iPad alternative...
  • What's that you say? Habs ended the 'Nucks' 6-game win streak, scored a PP goal, and got a shutout thanks to a solid all-around team effort and TFS? I don't believe you. No, really, it's true!
  • In addition to that good news, Leafs are imploding from the inside after another loss;
  • Sens are a good team now, Spezz gets 2 goals in a 5-3 win over the Thrash;
  • Oilers are not a good team now, lose 7-1 to the Canes;
  • Caps now lead the league in points after a 5-3 win over the Rangers;
  • Dustin Boyd cleared waivers. Um, yay?
  • A wacky new All-Star format is in the works where two captains have a draft to pick teams. Do they do rock paper scissors to see who picks first?
Bring on the long-form video highlights after a win.


Orangeman said...

What are you talking about? There is no substitute for apple products. Have you heard of their new product? iHaveaproblem.

soperman said...

Great game, we need them to play more games like that (and improve the powerplay, there is a lot of room on the upside).

I normally wouldn't do this but it is the funniest "Leafish" comment I have ever read. It is from TSN. Note the part where he/she says the habs "get lucky every night" and "kessel is bringing the cup home for us this year."

"Habs are a bunch of babys. No skill, no chemistry, they just get lucky every night. Never should have traded Halak, price is a baby, just a big bunch of babys on this habs team unlike my leafs, great squad this year and i really think kessel is bringing the cup home for us this year."

Thanks for the laughs "Leaf4Lyfe".

moeman said...

Winning is fun. Bring on da Bs. said...

am I the only wondering whether carey is participating in Movember (grow a moustache for prostate cancer)?
that thing on his upper lip is just not pretty. mind you it's better than crosby's lame attempts at playoff beard.

Steve said...

The turtle meet the Orca and gave it a goose egg. Snapping Turtle prepares to meet the bear.

Boyd is that useless the Leafs wont touch him, goodbye peyote sweater.


Daddy Says said...

Awesome to win. Two goals by our D = wonderful news and a pp goal?!
Life is good this morning.

Rock, Papers, Scissors to see who goes first then throw sticks to choose sides. (same way the count picks his lines this week)

Go You Fucking Habs