Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, November 24

Bullet points while dreaming of going from down-and-out drug addict to American League MVP (this story of redemption is Candace Cameron-Bure approved);
  • One game in the NHL last night, and only 9,000 and change watched the Pacific Division leading Coyotes whitewash the Oilers 5-0.  If we haven't mentioned it before, Gary Bettman can go fuck himself;
  • A certain 5th overall pick is leading the All-Star game goalie vote as a write in candidate;
  • Ovie and Semin yuck it up with Kovalchuk after Caps get shut-out ... fat Bruce Boudreau nearly choked on his Double Down he was so mad;
  • Kings in town tonight.  Probably more on that later, if I can get myself organized;
  • For those interested, HF29 is making a rare tv appearance on TSN tonight as the Devils host the Flames.  He'll be the one at the Prudential Center rocking the vintage (stripper approved!) Kansas City Scouts jersey.


Steve said...

Maybe CCB can do some of the lords work on sexy Friday. Please ask her to bring back Mex, can there be any other explanation except crack and crown royal?

soperman said...

While yes, you have mentioned it before, it is important that everyone is reminded that Gary "Weinerboy" Bettman can go fuck himself. Perhaps it should be in the FHF banner.

As for Price leading the ballots - good for Habs fans. The fans of other teams will start whining because the league made the best choice (FOUR FUCKING LEAVES ON THE BALLOT!!?!!?). Go vote for your favourites, dickweeds. Remember a couple of years ago when there was the ultimate scare, i.e. six Habs in the starting lineup?

Vote Price because when Habs fans don't have confidence in him that is one thing but when everyone else doesn't have confidence in him, well then they are going too far!

Steve said...

It seems most people feel the biggest problem with the Habs is Chocula. Nobody loves a fucking vampire in real life.

kevincrumbs said...

Damn you for the mental image of Bettman fucking himself. Ew, ew, ew.