Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Game Day Skate gets just a little rant-y for Thursday, November 18

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of another Olympic medal for our favourite redheaded Canadian...
  • Having to go play a hockey game after you've just been to a memorial service for your coach's daughter who committed suicide is not a recipe for winning. Canes 7, Sens 1;
  • That game came in the wake of a fascinating trade between the Canes and Flames for all sorts of reasons. 1. Greek Lightning was involved. 2. Darryl Sutter traded his son Brett. 3. Darryl Sutter traded his son Brett who had been arrested for assault the week before;
  • Jaro lets in 7 goals in the Blues' 7-3 loss to the Wings, their fifth straight loss. Even worse, he scored on himself. That is not a typo;
  • The Bruins were down two men in the 3rd but Tim Thomas held the Rangers off for a 3-2 win;
  • New coach, but the Isles are still bad;
  • The Pens ended their futility against the Canucks with a 3-1 win;
  • Look, originally I had planned to go all out rant-y on Mike Richards and his PFK comments. It was gonna be epic stuff in the best TMS Rants tradition. Then I thought to myself, well, maybe he's not worth my energy. Fuck that little pussy. You lost, your team lost, your team gooned it up and I'm not gonna waste my time on a piece of shit like you and your threats to one of our favourite players around here. Take a look in the mirror you David Booth-destroying asshole. Take a look at your own fucking teammates. You, who wanted to fight Andrei fucking Kostitsyn, want to talk about respect? Fuck you. And fuck the media outside Montreal for thinking his comments may have some merit or something. Oh, a rookie is supposed to WAIT to have to defend his teammates and play hard and do everything he can to help his team win? Fuck you. And fuck the NHL for not even thinking about doing something about one player threatening another. Some have suggested an undercurrent of racism in the comments. I like to see the good in people so I'm not going to fall into that trap. Mike Richards is just an asshole, pure and simple. Not worthy of being a captain. Well, worthy of being the Flyers captain I guess. That is all.
Tits vs. Tits tonight.


ezzeloharr said...

So much for no ranting. +1 to HF29.

Kmaxx said...

Nice (non)rant. Ditto!

moeman said...

Well said 29.

G Y F H !

Steve said...

Yeah a tit twister, graphics?

Nice non rant and you nailed it, what else but a piece of dog poop eaten by another dog and pooped again would a Flyer captain be.

soperman said...


Well said.


You are a very good player who will become a great player over the next few years. Follow your instincts - you are doing everything you should do and nothing you shouldn't do.


You McSploogy twits would be calling PFK "the next Bobby Orr" if he were playing in Toronto. I may have to watch your video feed sometimes but I still have a mute button. My dog can provide better play-by-play and analysis.

iRiRi said...

Well done, 29.

I, too, am appalled nobody outside of Mtl media has criticized Richards. Monday night's game worries me.

On a more positive note,


Habsfan10 said...

What the fuck is in the water in Philly? That team could turn Josh Gorges into a raging asshole cheapshot artist.

Love Richards talking about young kids and respect ... dude, you've been in the league for 4 years. You're not exactly Gordie Fucking Howe out there.

Orangeman said...

I've been looking at some Philly Phan reactions and basically they're telling Habs fans to look at the standings a suck it. Your team is one point ahead with a game in hand. Oooooh. But that's besides the point. As someone mentioned yesterday, could you imagine Gio saying shit like that? Alfie? Sedin? Even Phaneuf? This isn't some 4th line goon making stupid comments, this is supposed to be the captain of your team. If he's out there saying this, imagine what the real goons on the team (so, like, everyone else) are thinking and going to do. I think Gio should just say it's embarrassing for a captain to say such things.

TSN is so in the NHL inner-circle BS that it's embarrassing. They're so afraid of losing access that they'' never remove their lips from the NHL's ass.

soperman said...

If Richards wants to talk about respect, he should look at their own resident asshole, puck-stealing, douchebay Pronger. Price, with the weight of the world on his shoulders showed a ton more class by tossing the shutout puck to a fan. You are quickly becoming a class act, Carey.

soperman said...

Pronger is a douchebag not a douchebay. But you knew that... said...

Always a pleasure to read you 29.

Richards is a dick playing for a team who values its in-your-face goonery as it was some sort of heroic behavior.
and it certainly is not how a captain should behave. wouldn't be surprised if he eventually came back and said he was misquoted.

as for rookies and respect, I don't remember Lucic being all respectful in his first year - and he had a bit of dirty to him unlike PFK.
i guess it's the kid's confidence that riles them and his enthusiasm.
If he was really out of line I have no doubt the guys on the room would have a little talk with them.

anyway respect is earned not automatically given by a de facto position. and Richards just garanteed that he'll get no respect form Habs fan

B B said...


GoldenGirl11 said...

Clara Hughes is the coolest person alive.

That is all.

sevenman said...

Truth is if you look at little Mikey's face during the scrum with PK and after skating away, he just finished shitting his pants and if you listen to him talk during that post game interview he still sounded scared

Orangeman said...

With everything else, forgot to mention that I look forward to seeing Hughes at the 2012 Olympics. She's awesome. I know she lives in Montreal and she's one of the very few people I would actually freak out if I saw in public.

As for Halak, it really wasn't that bad. It's not like he shot it in the net or gave up a goal from centre ice. Shit like that happens all the time. Unfortunately it seemed to have gotten under his skin a bit, hence the 6 other goals. I still love that little Slovak.

Steve said...


I like Jaro so much I bought a Halak Habs T Shirt in August,and not only because it was half "price". His example taught TFS what it is to be a professional goalie. Thank you Jaro, long may you move ebulliently and only let in perfect top corner shots.

GYFH and St Louis too

the Maritimer said...

Excellent analysis.

@Soperman (a fellow maritimer)
You are correct as well. I'm thinking there is a lot of PFK jealousy in laffland. They wish they had someone like him in their stogy line-up. Fuck them however, the Walking Dead that infest the ACC would have NO appreciation of young Mr. Subban and what he brings to the table.

And as far as Mike Richards, PK may like to trash talk a little, but I have yet to see him try to remove an opposing players head as he did to Booth and tried to do to Kovy one time in Montreal, but missed. As 29 said just another Philthy asshole that Cherry and the TSN "experts" love as a guy that plays the game "hard". said...

either there is something wrong with my internet connection or this place is deader than a Nashville hockey game.

HabsFan29 said...

@bea - we're in the other room. it's ok, you can come in and join us.

are you on a 56k modem?

bea, said...

no and that's why i was wondering where everybody went. i felt like I was at the wrong bar.
but i'd like to point out that it's seems to be just you nd I 29.

hmmm wonder what we could get up to?

HabsFan29 said...

@bea - while an evening alone with you sounds delightful, therer really is another thread with people in it. can't see it?

or we can hang here. can i get you a drink? said...

ah too funny
lil tits gets a penalty
would be hilarious if big tits scored said...

@29 apparently i can't see it.
I'll take tht drink and hunt for it