Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Game Day Skate has audio for Tuesday, November 2nd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning the World Series with a pothead pitcher...
  • Some games happened. Nothing really exciting to be honest. Devils continue their slide with a 3-0 loss to Luongo, and Hartnell had two goals in a Flyers win;
  • That Flyers game was without Danny Briere, suspended 3 games for the cross-check on Frans Nielsen;
  • Jordan Staal breaks his hand as he practices to return from injury. Whoops!
Columbus tonight. In advance, for your listening, uh, pleasure, here's our appearance on CJAD's The Habs Show from Sunday night, along with our old friend JT. It's not bad, but it ain't no Pantscast (even though in a weird karmic confluence, it opens with the same music that opens the Pantscast). We have trouble if we can't work blue. JT was great though. Big thanks to Barry Morgan who is a real mensch, and to Teri-Lee and an unnamed tech guy for getting us the audio that they don't know we're posting on the internet. Until now.

Download the mp3


Habsfan10 said...

Pensblog blames PK for Staal's hand injury. Somehow.

moeman said...

Pensblog will soon be blaming PFK for those shitty looking outdoor classic jerseys.

swarkles said...

Can someone explain to me how power rankings work? I'm mystified as to how the highest I've seen the Habs is #8 even while they were first in the conference for a while.

ezzeloharr said...

@swarkles: The TSN power rankings? They work best when summarily ignored. ;)

Hoiles said...

This is a sign that the Stanley Cup will be won by a team with a pothead goaltender :)

Anonymous said...

Late to the game on the TSN Alternate viewing. Just thought I'd share with you the comments I received from Eastlink in Nova Scotia:

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your recent inquiry. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

TSN has introduced a new channel for eastern Canada (Bellville Ontario, East) called TSN Alternative. This channel will carry only Montreal Canadians games (in English) and remain blank the remainder of the time. We are in negotiations in order to provide this channel. yeah, right.

Currently the same Montreal Canadians games scheduled to be carried on the new TSN Alternative channel are available to EastLink customers that subscribe to RDS (Part of the French Variety Package) in the Maritimes and Atlantic. In order to provide an interim alternative to our Maritime and Atlantic customers, EastLink will discount the French Variety Theme in Maritimes and Atlantic to $2.00/month from the regular price of $4.00. This theme will provide EastLink Customers access to RDS and the same Montreal Canadians games (in French) available on the TSN alternative channel.

The $2.00 discount will be in effect until June, 2011 and will then revert to the regular theme price of $4.00. Customers can at that time continue or cancel that service.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives for more information or to add the French Variety Pack to your services,

Thank you for choosing Eastlink,

Eastlink Customer Care

WOOHOO! Saving 2 bucks a month!

ezzeloharr said...

@Anon: 2$/mo to watch the Habs? Seems like a pretty good deal to me... But what do I know? ;)

Anonymous said...

@ezz: Don't get me wrong! With the price of my cable bill, I'll gladly take the $2/month! And I agree - even at 4 clams, it's a hell of a deal.

heh, wv = doggido. Hope the game tonite doesn't smell like doggido.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Pensblog calling PK the second shooter