Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1984 Draft Redux Tonight???

Jean-François pointed out in the comments to the Game Day Skate this morning that the (most likely) two biggest draft picks of 2005, Sid the Kid and Price, will face-off tonight. This to him was eerily reminiscent of the 1984 draft, where the biggest names ended up being Mario and St. Patrick. Then, out of nowhere, HF33 digs up the awesome historic photo above from 66 and 33's days in the Q and sends it to me.

Like, whoa, dude.


HabsFan29 said...

oh yeah, i didn't even mention that Paddy made his debut against The Penguins EXACTLY 22 years ago today.

it was just too much. I'm freaking out Jerry.

Habsfan10 said...

That's weird. Very weird. I need to lie down. If only Price and Sid the Kid were born on the exact same day like Super Mario and St. Patrick.

The Habs took Petr Svboda, Shayne Corson, Stephane Richer and St. Patrick, in that order. Nice haul. Luc Robataille, Brett Hull and Tom Glavine(!) were in that draft too!

HabsFan33 said...

I know, so was Barbaro!

fezworth said...

Gives me chills... but I've learned not to trust history too much. There used to be a 'seven-year itch', as I recall. I was so excited during that 1999-2000 season. I simply assumed that we HAD to win. It was foretold by Prophecy. You can't imagine how let-down I was.

Having said that, I'm sure this one will pan out nicely (minus the craziness and trading to Colorado, of course)

I also find it interesting that coverage of Chips is kind of a throw-in with all the Carey-mania.

"Oh, and the future captain of the Habs will be making his debut as well. And now, on to lawn-bowling...."

Habsfan10 said...

Fezworth, the problem with the 1999-2000 season was that Corey, Houle, Tremblay, and the rest of the boneheads in charge during the dark times messed up the Habs karma so badly not even the hockey Gods knew what they were doing. It also explains the reluctance to fete the arrival of the Future Captain; after Serge & Reggie turned wearing the C into the hockey equivalent of being Spinal Tap's drummer (five captains in five years!), it took the superhuman efforts of Koivu just to make it relevant again. I think Koivu has brought meaning back to the title; his successor (be it Higgins, Komisarek, Chipchura, whomever) will restore the rest of its glory.

the Forum said...

Did you also know Ken Dryden made his 1971 Habs debut in Pittsburgh as well????

fezworth said...

HF10, deep in my heart of hearts, I knew that it wouldn't happen. Call it silly romanticism.

The funny thing is that was about a year after the '93 Cup that I really became a hockey fan, let alone one that bleeds blue, white and red. I've never had the opportunity to celebrate so much as a Stanley Cup appearance. Most of my time as a Habs fan has been spent in misery, crying into my Molson Ex (or Pilsner, depending on where I've lived).

I have to agree on you about Koivu. I never had the chance to see some of the Habs' greats, but Koivu is an absolute wonder. I feel so bad for him that he came along when he did.