Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, October 18th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being stuck in traffic on the 417 heading to Scotiabank Place and really having to pee...
  • TMS insta-reacted to the Kovy v. Carbo business from yesterday (scroll down to the next post), but Carbo insists all is rosy. He even compared Kovy to Guy Lafleur. He's smoking between periods?
  • Sheldon Souray is out indefinitely with a separated shoulder. Thank God we got rid of him, eh?
  • Bob Hartley was fired by the Thrashers after 6 straight losses. May be a bit quick on the draw there with a quality coach;
  • Crazy Devils-Pens game last night. Disallowed goals, fans throwing stuff on the ice, and craziest of all, the Devils playing run-n-gun hockey.

This is it. Tonight! The Battle at the Bank! We've had some jolly good fun with Five for Smiting this past week as we prepare to have Carey Price steal one so we can win our bet.

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Topham said...

Bob Hartley probably had to show some signs of improvement quick after he managed to lose 100% of the franchise's playoff games.

Really it's 10 straight losses there.

My question is, why is their GM still in a job? Rucchin/Holik/Perrin/Little? Maybe he should have looked into the importance of centres in playing hockey on ice...