Monday, October 15, 2007

The Morning Skate for Monday, October 15th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning 20 out of 21 at just the right time...
  • The entire FHF was just too pissed off at the Habs effort (or lack thereof) in their 3-1 loss in the home opener to post anything yesterday. TMS' excuse was that he was too much in shock as to how the Breezer was the best player on the ice;
  • Flyer Jesse Boulerice gets supended 25 games for his vicious cross-check on Vancouver's Ryan Kesler. All these 20 and 25 game suspensions don't seem to be stopping this shit;
  • TMS is wild for Minnesota (sorry) after they beat the Ducks to remain the only unbeaten team in the NHL. If only they were still the North Stars I'd really be happy.

OK tomorrow against the shitty Panthers. Habs better play 60 minutes, or we will release a stream of expletives the likes of which have never been seen around these parts.


The Forum said...

I can digest Saturday’s no show if the boys come back with a convincing 5-1 win tomorrow night (although its hard to get excited about the Florida Panthers – who really gives a shit about them!!!).

Furthermore, if the Latendresse experiment continues past tomorrow then I’m jumping on the Anti-Carbo bandwagon. He could not be more lost on the ice and should be in Hamilton where I can yell at him in person.

Price or Huet in net – now things get interesting for Carbo. When does he give Price a home start?

The Forum said...

one more thing...let's hope the Sabres bury the Leafs would be entertaining to watch the "Leaf Nation" take a collective dive over the cliff knowing that their team really does suck this year!

fezworth said...

Gui! Gui! is out tomorrow. Looks like Grabs is in. Lapierre seems to be doing pretty well down in Hamilton, I wonder if he'll get a callup anytime soon?

The Forum said...

Common sense has prevailed - let Lever work him for a few months and then we can see if he's the real deal.

I see Garbs and MaxLap fighting for a spot...I don't see Latendresse in the bigs for awhile (although stranger things have happened in Mtl)