Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Game Day Skate for Wednesday, October 10th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of TSN's Jennifer Hedger in HD. Yikes. TMS used to think she was hot...
  • All the talk is about Carey Price starting against the flightless waterfowl tonight. TSN even pulled its head out of the Centre of the Universe's ass to do a feature about it. Scroll down to the next post for HF10's very reasonable take on the whole thing. Good luck, kid, is all we'll say;
  • TMS thinks the bigger news should be Breezer being a healthy scratch. It's not the crippling season- and career-ending knee injury TMS was hoping for (and still offering a beer at Hurley's to anyone who, ahem, causes to happen) but it's a start;
  • Leafs get pummelled 7-1 by the Canes. Woohoo! Takes away a bit of the sting from Saturday night's loss;
  • You may have noticed TMS has changed its name this morning. I am now trying to distinguish between the original TMS (TM FHF, circa July 2007) and the ESPN bastard who stole my idea. Anyone know a good lawyer? To the QuickLaw, my fellow FHF!!!

Alrighty big Pens-Habs tilt tonight at The waterMellon. Of course later today we'll have the preview for you along with an open thread for your game comments. TMS is stoked for his first Habs game on his new HD Sony. Hopefully Jacques Demers won't be too scary-looking.


lawyergirl77 said...

Don't worry HF29 - so far, Demers hasn't been broadcast in HD. That may change for the home games though... *shudder*

Habsfan10 said...

Keep the TMS moniker, I say. You had it first, and nobody reads the hockey stuff on ESPN anyways. Bunch of hacks, the lot of them.

HabsFan29 said...

Oh I will keep TMS. I'll use the GDS on game days. Makes sense!

They are hacks AND you have to be an insider to read them. I'm a hack, too, but I'm free!

Jean-Francois said...

Hey guys.

First off, f*ck ESPN. They dropped hockey, let's sue them for THAT!

Hedger in HD is like porn in HD. In French we have a joke that says "C'est beau de loin mais c'est loin d'être beau". I think this applies nicely.

Oh and about Breezer, you guys have to chill out. Sure he should have never been a 1st D in Montreal (or any pro league for that matter) but he's still good enough to play 30 to 40 games next to a good D like Hamerlik (NOT next to Bouillon!)

And if his presence can litt a fire under Georges ass it's all good with me. Let's be honest, the guy was cruisin through the motions last year. Now, maybe he fears for his spot and maybe even his career. That's all fine by me.

Breezer is old enough that nobody cares if he bench the next 20 games and has enough experience that it's not gonna affect his game too much (cue anti-Breezer joke).

Besides, his presence forces Carbo to put Dandy on the fourth line and I prefer him there than on defense. Too often did he looked out of place in the last two years. Up front he becomes an okay 4th liner who understand his defensive responsibilities.

And tonight we'll finally have a confrontation between what will likely b the two biggest Draft Picks of 2005. You guys remember when was the last time this happened?

Hey, you guys remember 1984? Roy and Lemieux were drafted that year... just saying...

Can't wait to see how Chips will play tonight. If he can have half the impact Maxime had last year against the pens we should be in for a fun night.

Good blog, read you later