Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Sky is Falling: Leafs 4 Habs 3 (OT)

So not only do the Habs lose to the Laffs, but they (once again) blow a lead going into the third, this time allowing the Leafs to comeback from a 3-1 deficit. The turning point was Huet mishandling the puck toards the end of the second period, leading directly to Podnikawhatsky's goal.

It was the Leafs first win of the year, sparing Toronto Mayor the indignity of having to call in the military to quell a Leafs Nation uprising (can you imagine being a Leafs fan after losing twice to the Sens AND then to the Habs in one week??). Leafs fans can now sleep easier, confident that Tomas Kaberle is clearly headed to his first Norris Trophy this season thanks to his OT winner, while Vesa Toskala is now the obvious favorite for the Vezina after his first win.

The Tits: The Habs earn a point on the road. Breezer plays the second least minutes on D. Big Tits (our new name for Andrei - allowing us to call Sergei "Little Tits") scores his first of the season, along with Markov and El Dandy, who is looking comfortable up front.

The cellulite: Grabby losing all 5 of his faceoffs. Gui getting barely over 10 minutes in ice time. Huet handling the puck. Listening to Ron MacLean, Bob Cole, Harry Neale and Don Cerise openly cheering for the Leafs. (Oh wait, I watch RDS HD. Still bitter, though.)

The armpit hair: Losing to the Laffs. Obviously.

Chez Paree bound? Although it's humiliating losing to a team like the Leafs, earning a point on the road shouldn't be overlooked. No free dances, though - the Habs are paying at the door and in the back tonight.

2.5 Lap Dances (out of 10): We realized the Habs wouldn't go 82-0, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD at least beat the freakin' Leafs.

NEXT UP: Wednesday against Sid and the Pens in the Burgh. We hope Pensblog brings the smack so we can make fun of how old Gary Roberts is. (Roberts is so old, he's the one who handed David the stone for his slingshot. I didn't say we'd bring good smack.)


kilroy said...

Not the result we wanted but I'd be more worried if I were a Leafs fan today than a Habs fan. Actually I'd probably put my head in the oven if I were a Leafs fan, if I could figure out how to turn it on.
Ok man that skill testing question at the bottom has to go. I have to read an eye chart to post?

HabsFan29 said...

Big tits and Little tits. Heh. I was wondering how we were going to distinguish. So simple yet so brilliant Panger

Man thank goodness I had that family reunion last night and missed the game. had i watched them blow that lead then see the Laffs score in OT i may have thrown something at my new Sony HD and smashed it

lawyergirl77 said...

Panger - LMAO at Big tits and Little tits!! The one good thing to come of the Habs' loss last night....

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Tough, tough loss gentlemen. But chin-up, you play them 7 more times this year. We, in Hockey Country, would be very grateful if the Habs can win, say, six of those.

Oh, and I'm totally swiping that picture. Just so you know.