Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Sky is Falling: ATL 3, Habs 2 (SO)

The Habs played like chicken's and laid an egg against the Thrashers. The THRASHERS? The first team to scapegoat their coach this year? Really? Even one point and continuing the unbeaten-in-regulation streak doesn't get them any more respect from us.

The Sky is Falling - where do we begin? The complete no-show in the first? The countless tape-to-tape passes directly onto Thrasher sticks? Markov doing his best Breeze-by impression? Ryder's ass being nailed to the bench by the end of the third (oh wait, maybe that's not such a bad thing). There is just so much to worry about after a game like that. Chris Higgins again couldn't score with a fist full of hundreds at Grand-Prix. Yeah, he finally scored the game-tying goal, but jeez Garth Murray could have put that great pass like that into the net. Brisebois got yet another delay of game penalty, putting the over-under on the season at 50 - we can only hope it causes Dawn Cherise's head to explode. We assume Josh Georges is visiting Chapters this morning looking for a book to read on his bus ride back to Hamilton. I wonder if they have "Playing Defence for Dummies"? Bring Back O'Byrne!

Plan the parade - we salvaged a point, mostly thanks to the Saviour. But even at that, his shoot-out aura was broken by giving up consecutive goals to Bryan Little (one of only a handful of NHLers with more peach fuzz than Carey) and Ilya "we should have traded Theo for that 1st pick when we had the chance" Kovalchuk - but even FHF has to admit that guy's release is sick. Hamr continues to earn his big time salary - so fuck you, Darryl Sutter. Koivu played better than in Pittsburgh. Grabby was skating and much more visible and Big Tits, although he didn't create all that many scoring chances.

Chez Parée bound? It'll be a bit lonely at the club with just Carey and Hamr. Josh Georges may be there too - but he'll be hosing down the private rooms at 3am.

3.1 lap dances out of 10. The Saviour's jersey number seems to be a nice, round number.

Next evil foe - the Broad Street Bullies on Thursday. Can we count the ways why we hate the cheap shot artist Flyers and their Halloween pumpkin uniforms? Let's just hope no one gets killed on the ice - because sooner or later it's gonna happen if the league doesn't crack down on these jokers. Of course, I'm sure Paul Holmgren and his ilk will say it's all part of the game, don't take the physicality out of it blah blah blah. But how does he not bear any responsibility despite his comments earlier in the pre-season about how the Flyers had to get back to their intimidating ways? Asshole. I wish the GM of the next Flyers victim can do to Holmgren what one of his Flyers does to the other GM's player. A cross-check to the head would only improve Holmgren's looks, anyway.


HabsFan29 said...

I have tragic news for you Panger. Grand Prix is closed down. but that was a hell of a reference.

The "first line" better start scoring soon, and at even strength. As we learned last year, the PP greatness cant carry you through 82 games

habslove said...

Make Gorges go away. Pleeeeease.

panger76 said...

OMG, Grand Prix closed down?? No way. Did all the girls die of STD's or the biker gangs?

HabsFan29 said...

@Panger - Bikers with STD's