Monday, October 22, 2007

"Ladies and gentlemen, on stage for your dancing pleasure, the Boston Bruins" - Game Preview and Open Thread

Waiting in line details - 7:30 PM start, Bell Centre, Montréal, QC. On TV: RDS and RDS-HD in French, USA National TV Versus in English. Montreal English radio CJAD, Montreal French radio CKAC. Habs took the season series last year 5-3. Bruins come in having won four in a row. Habs come in riding a phenomenal one game winning streak.

Pay your cover charge to - Ghosts of the Garden. They've got a contributor named "Doobie," so I'm a fan already.

Hot, sexy, if a bit "seasoned," Habs to watch - the big UFA signings of the summer, Smolinski and Hamrlik, exploded for 5 points against the Sabres. Smolinski plays his 1000th NHL game tonight after Hamrlik played his earlier this season. Then this Friday Kovy "plays" his 1000th game.

Hot sexy Bruins to watch - goalie Tim Thomas is playing out of his mind, leading the league in both GAA and save %. And Manny Fernandez got a shutout in their last game. Two number one goalies it looks like. Remember how well that worked out for the Habs?

Skanky Habs to watch - Michael Ryder continues to look lost out there. Big Tits and Grabovski, if they are playing, need to start generating some real offence.

Skanky Bruins to watch - Good 'ol Claude Julien return to Montréal behind the Broons bench. I like him, but we'll see how the fans react. Bruins fans in Montreal are always a pain in the ass. Welcome, out of towners!

Post-game adult entertainment establishment - forgotten amongst the lights of Ste-Catherine is Club Super Contact. Sort of the younger skankier brother of Super Sexe. A little dirtier, a little uglier, but a lot more fun than its big brother. Huge area of private booths upstairs and out of the way. Always a good time.

Watching the game? At the game? Listening? Imagining the game in your head? Let's hear your dirty, dirty thoughts in the comments.


HabsFan29 said...

Hey kids!

Won't be able to join you tonight as I will be AT THE GAME!!! Woohoo! My first one as 1/4 owner of a season ticket...

Let's hear the good snark. Personally, I'll be fending off the Bruins fans attacks...

Habsfan10 said...
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Habsfan10 said...

In case anyone needs any reminders ... Terry O Reilly. Ken the Rat Linesman. Reggie F'in Lemelin. Ray Bourque. Espo. Cashman. Wensink and Jonathan, the one-two punch of thuggery. Milbury. Cam Fucking Neely.

Mad yet? Fuckin Broons. Kill em, Habs.

Habsfan10 said...

Fuckin Broons make me so mad I post twice.

Habsfan10 said...

Thank you, Marco Sturm. Let's go boys!

Habsfan10 said...

It's quieter than the gold seats at the ACC at the start of a period in here tonight ... someone buy HF29 and LG77 Blackberries so they can email from their seats!

panger76 said...

I feel like the Habs season is Groundhogs day. Again we play well but can't score enough to finsh them. Blowing that 5-3 will come back to haunt us.

Habsfan10 said...

Dammit, Kovy scores and now we're handing them a lifeline? Fuck.

I'm talking to myself, aren't I.

Habsfan10 said...

Huet! Huet! Huet!

Habsfan10 said...

3-0, me likey. Love Greek Lightning and Begin getting in on the act, especially since the top two aren't burying chances.

Habsfan10 said...

Good Lord, Breezer scored???!?!?!!!

This is the kind of embarassment I like to see the Broons on the end of.

Kovy and Pleks having nice nights.

Anonymous said...

Is Montreal this good on the powerplay, or is Boston just that bad at killing them?

(And wasn't losing Souray supposed to kill the Montreal powerplay, according to the hockey brains?)

msevigny said...

It's a shame the Bruins are so low on the Boston sports totem pole, because this would be even more fun if I thought the people of Boston would be distressed about it.

I mean, not only did Breezy score, but the Habs made Chara the new Breezy.

panger76 said...

LOL - Chara is teh new Breezy. Nice.

Oh glorious hockey day, 6-1 = the sun will shine brighter, food will taste better, and the lap dances will last all night long!

Habsfan10 said...

True that, Panger. Six goals against the B's makes all right with the world.

HabsFan29 said...

Hey everyone!!! Thanks HF10 and Panger for holding down the fort.

Whew. I am EXHAUSTED. 6 goals. I get free wings at the Cage aux sports!!

Kovy and Pleks, very solid. Latendress doesn't belong on that line though. He's the wrong type of player, looks ouot of place.

My high point was Roman Hamrlik. I swear, seeing the whole ice and not on TV, you see how Hamr is always in the right position. Totally solid, in both ends. Really enjoyed that.

Ryder is seriously AWOL.

Breezy scored, but he had his ugly moments as well, trust me.

Overall solid game, though we had the 6 goals on 18 shots. Even with 6 goals, we didn't really generate a ton of O.

But I won't complain, I'll just enjoy my Cage wings.

lawyergirl77 said...

HF29 - missed ya at the game!

And ITA with Hamr. It's amazing how many players are BETTER in person than on teevee. The two that come to mind first (Hamr aside)? Dandy (seriously) and Koivu.

I'm going to the Cage tomorrow for lunch for my wings! Wooo!!!

And is it wrong that I started chanting "Chicken Wings! Chicken Wings!!" when the Habs hit three goals?? I'm totally going to the Cage at the Bell Centre tomorrow!!!

lawyergirl77 said...

^ I mean, ITA with your assessment of Hamr... doh!

Hope you're having fun driving to Deadmonton, Panger... And I'm sorry you were left here to talk to yourself all game HF10!