Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maybe you're the problem

All day long I have been reading and hearing about Carbo vs. Kovalev. I didn't want to post anything because the focus today should be on the awesome Sens post HF10 wrote. So please, click or scroll down to read that. But I can't hold my tongue any longer.

For those of you who, you know, worked today and are in the dark, Kovy blasted Carbo for not calling a timeout last night after Komo got the penalty with 2 minutes left. According to RDS, Kovy said:

"On aurait dû demander un temps d'arrêt, a-t-il dit. Cela nous aurait permis l'avoir les bons joueurs sur la glace. On a été organisé durant toute la rencontre sauf pendant les deux dernières minutes du match."
For those of you who don't read French, that trasnlates to: "we should have called a timeout. We were organized the whole game, but at the end Coach had a brain fart and I hate him."

Carbo was quick to reply: "C'est facile de dire ça une fois le match terminé." Translation: "go back to Russia you dumb lazy fuck and stop bothering me."

This comes on the heels of this fascinating piece in The Gazette today where Habs beat writer Pat Hickey says Carbo is still having the same communications problems with his players as he had last year.

Last year all Habs fans said Carbo deserved some time. He would mature as a head coach. He would grow into his role. Clock is ticking Carbo. Ask Bob Hartley.


grrrreg said...

Ask Bob Hartley? Come on, we are five games into the season... Is our record nearly as bad as the one of Atlanta?

HabsFan29 said...

we're Habs fans. the sky is always falling

grrrreg said...

Yeah I know... ;-)
But it's like all the fuss about Latendresse, I mean last year he was supposed to be the second coming of Guy Lafleur, and this week, he was barely worthy of sitting in the press box! (please note that I'm not specifically referring to this blog here)

Anonymous said...

See Bob McKenzie's commentary over at TSN.