Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grabs grabs his first (groan...): Habs 6, Broooooons 1

Yours truly was delighted to attend the game last night in the first use of his 1/4 of a pair of season tickets. So an actual first hand account follows. If only I wasn't drunk on crappy Molson products costing $9.50, I might have remembered something.

Plan the parade - well, 6 goals is a miracle. And it was balanced scoring - all four lines chipped in. As HF29 boss Warren noted, the new acquisitions and balanced scoring are making up for the loss of Souray, even on the PP. Grabovski gets his first NHL goal, Bégin gets his first of the year, and the usual suspects (Kovy, Higgins, Markov) were in on the act. Even Breezer scored, and I cheered. Please refer to my note about drunkenness above.

On the defensive front, Huet was stellar as usual. Really kept us in it in the first and made some key saves when the game was still close. And The Hamr was really impressive in person. You only appreciate his play when you can watch the whole ice and see him be in the right position all the time - TV cameras don't show that.

The sky is falling - we needed a power play in the last 3 minutes just to get to 20 shots for the game. We were blessed by a crappy performance from Manny Fernandez and Zdeno Chara doing his best Breezer impression (h/t msevigny in the comments last night). The original Breezer, even while scoring, sucked, with two glaring giveaways. And sing with me - "where have you gone, Michael Ryder, Habs nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo.."

Chez Parée bound? There may not be enough dancers to accommodate all the Habs who get in. Ryder is the designated driver waiting in the car.

9 lap dances out of 10. The lack of shots and help from crappy Bruins took a little away from this one.

Next evil foe - the Carolina Hurricanes Friday night. How many times do we have to play these guys???

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Habsfan10 said...

Carbo sat everyone's (and by everyone's, I mean 110%'s) golden boy Gui! Gui! Gui! and it lit a fire ... how the hell does Ryder get a pass? Sit his useless butt and play Big Tits with Saku and Higgins.