Monday, October 08, 2007

The Morning Skate - Special Thanksgiving Edition

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of the Allouettes winning a fucking game again...
  • There is a new Wirtz at the helm of the Hawks, and his name is Rocky. He can't be any worse than Bill, right?
  • Joel Quenneville shakes up his lines and the results are an impressive 6-2 Avs voctory over the Sharks. Joe Sakic moved past Phil Espo into #8 on the all-time scoring list. TMS loves Sakic, so congrats. Most underrated player ever.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! TMS is thankful for RDS, his new HD TV and PVR, strippers, George Gillette, the fact that Saku is alive and on our side, Carey Price, Club Downtown, Leafs sucking, Komisarek, my share of the season tickets, Club Super Contact, the Molson Ex Zone, 24 Stanley Cups, Johnny Walker Green Label, Moosehead, Boreale Rousse, the rest of the FHF, Cleopatra's, Jordi, LG77, SLC, Topham, Robert, matt D, Anonymous and the rest of our 12 loyal readers. May we celebrate 25 together. In my lifetime.


lawyergirl77 said...

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

I am thankful for RDSHD and the fact that I no longer have to listen to Bob Cole and Harry Neale "call" the game in order to have a pretty picture on my teevee!

Panger - I gots me a turkey covered in bacon in the oven... Mmmm... Turkey bacon!! (Hate me yet???)

Jordi said...

Not a fan of the turkey so you guys can have mine. That and I hope all our other teams will have eaten ash this season.