Friday, October 12, 2007

The Only Thing We Agree On is Leafs Suck

So we had a very special email in our inbox this week, courtesy of Senators Lost Cojones of Five for Smiting:


I would like to propose the following on our upcoming *cough* tussle at the Bank next week. A small wager, as it were. Should the Habs somehow prove the better team in our house, FHF will be invited to write as gloating, irreverent, insulting (and with luck, stripperific) a post as the four of you can muster to be put up on my site, unedited. And of course, I would ask the same in return. And between now and then, a little interweb smack talk can surely be arranged.

So what say you boys? I have thrown down the gauntlet. It just happens to look like Pleks' bloody Cooper.
The reaction was swift. As HF10 put it:
I'm all for it. When do we play those little darlings with the cutesy trumpet fanfares and the goofy anthem singing cop?

Did anyone see them trot out their legendary first captain LAURIE BOSCHMAN for the ceremonial faceoff at the home opener? I almost fell off my couch.
So the gauntlet, er, keyboard, has been thrown down. There is much juiciness to taunt with (Daigle, Kanata, bankruptcy, a couple dozen Stanley Cups for starters), but we figured we'd start with something truly inane yet would still bring glorious victory to Nos Glorieux - mascots.

We've got Youppi!, the only multi-sport professional mascot ever. Like a fuzzy orange Bo Jackson. They've got Spartacat, an anthropomorphized lion with no apparent skills. Look at the photos above. Youppi! is brimming with confidence, giving the thumbs up, totally comfortable enough to be flashing his fuzzy orange genitalia. Spartacat, on the other hand, looks timid, afraid of failure, like he might collapse at any moment. You know, like the Sens in every playoffs.

See you on the 18th, SLC.


habslove said...

I'm definetly looking forward to this.

The Forum said...

I'd rather lay a beating on Carleton the Bear. I mean really, what the hell is that thing anyway????

A perfect mascot for the idiots in T.O.

(Sorry habslove, I save all my abuse for the make-believes)

HABit said...

That has got to be the funniest post I've ever read! Great blog guys!

Grrrreg said...

Youppi owns Ottawa.
Type in "Ottawa".

Youppi! 1 Spartacat 0

panger76 said...

I nwver thought I'd here Youppi! compared with Bo Jackson. Now if we can just have him join Blitz with the Als....

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Little known fact: Between jobs, Youppi was arrested on the Sesame Street set for selling crank to Big Bird and asking Elmo if he could touch his "special" places.

Outstanding. Of all the opening gambits I figured four lawyers could come up with, "Fuzzy Orange Genitalia" wasn't on the short list.