Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The best kept secret since the Kennedy assassination has finally been revealed. And it's all good. RDS will be carrying every game in HD and Bell, Cogeco and Videotron subscribers will all be able to enjoy the best way to watch a game if you're not there in person.

You'll find RDS HD on:

  • Bell ExpressVu: 863
  • Videotron: 633
  • Cogeco: 540
  • Porn on TMN after midnight on Videotron: 213

If you already have an HD package, no need to do a thing, RDSHD will appear on your screens as soon as someone in a control room somewhere pushes the right button, and unless RDS experiences NASA type launch day glitches, that should happen some time before 7:00 pm tomorrow. If you have not subscribed to an HD package you have to call your service provider to add the channel to your list. I dare you to stay home all day tomorrow and sit in front of the blank TV screen until the images start flashing on the tube. You can leave a comment on this site to tell us at what time exactly RDS HD was born. Please note that this would also make you pathetic.

Once you go HD you can't go back to conventional Shitomax TV. Nobody listens to music on gramophones anymore, you're embarrassing yourselves.


HabsFan29 said...

Can I get HD on my old-school Zenith 21" black and white? What channel do i need to turn the UHF knob to??

HabsFan33 said...

If you angle your antennas correctly, you should be able to get a grainy rdshd image coupled with reruns of general hospital and fuzzy porn.