Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cats Rob Habs

Yeah we know the cat is being held up, but come on, how could we not post this pic? Oh, and it's official: the Habs will be synonymous with "goal starved" again this year.

Plan the parade - Huet, again. 3 stellar stops or the Habs don't even make it to overtime. We scored first and outshot them, and managed to avoid the penalty parade for most of the game. Koivu's line was dominant at times. Kovy seemed to want to play.

The sky is falling - despite outplaying the Cats, the Habs choke with 11 freaking seconds left and make Vokoun look like The Dominator against Team Canada in '98 in the shootout. 1 of 4 points on the season-opening homestand. Again they run up against a hot goalie, but as Coach Carbo said in the post-game interview, at some point you have to put the puck in the net, and we're quickly losing faith in the so-called goal scorers (where are you, Mr. Ryder?). Komo takes a bad penalty late in the game (but we still love him - even if he does do yoga). Seeing his old teammate Zednik must have made Breezer remember his Breeze-by act, as half way through the second he allowed Zed to walk around him - thankfully ChristoWall was there to bail him out. Plus he doesn't clear the puck when he has the chance with seconds remaining. Bring back Georges!

Chez Parée bound? We'll let them in for the effort - this time. But they pay cover and no comp'ed backroom visits, except for Christobal.

5 lap dances out of 10. No where near the embarrassment of the Canes game, but they still blew it.

Next evil foe - the Ottawa Senators Thursday night. We're on the road, so maybe we'll win. And FHF has a lot riding on the outcome, so let's hope Begin and Latendresse are motivated after their benching.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's CristoWall not ChristoWall

panger76 said...

Who cares what you think you pussy. Leave your name and I'll change it.

(Actually you're right whoever your are, but sack up and leave a name, chump.)

habslove said...

My bad. I didn't even notice.