Monday, October 15, 2007

What's that smell??? Oh yeah, it's crap

A day late, but a quick review of the shit from Saturday night.

Plan the parade - the only positive thing was Huet. Played his ass off, preventing both a blowout and the Ca-rey! chant with some fine play. Oh, and I guess the Breezer played reasonably well, and was brought to tears by the fans ovation. My god, when Breezer is a reason to cheer we're really in trouble.

The sky is falling - you're fucking right it is. That was about 3 minutes of effort to start the game and we finally got desperate with about 8 minutes left in the 3rd. Other than that, it was flat play, no energy, and a parade to the sin bin. Major stink bomb.

Chez Parée bound? That team wouldn't even get into the skankiest clubs in Laval.

1 lap dance out of 10. Huet prevented the 0.

Next evil foe - the Florida Panthers tomorrow night. They suck, so we might win.

UPDATE - I totally didn't mention the length and breadth of Gui?'s sucking (note the ! has been replaced). Thanks to regular reader Fezworth for pointing out this has led to him being benched for tomorrow. Finally Carbo pulls his head out of his ass long enough to notice his level of suckitude over the first 4 games.


The Forum said...

This is close to the best lineup we have; a few questions still left however:

Higgins - Koivu - Ryder
Smolinski - Plekanec- Kovalev
Kostitsyn - Grabovski - Kostopoulos
Begin - Chipchura - Dandenault

Markov - Komisarek
Brisebois - Hamrlik
Bouillon - Streit


Latendresse, Murray, Gorges

What is Smolinski doing on the second line?
And Kosto with Grabs and Kostitsyn????
Brisebois is always going to be question mark???
Is Gorges a bust???

Damion said...

The Canes have basically been running a puck-control clinic in the Northeast for a week. They get kudos for that. What I'm wondering is why Carbo or his delegate didn't pick up on the Canes' improved game given that Carbo had two previews from (a game that looked eerily similar to the Habs on Saturday but for the relative difference between Huet's effort versus Toskala's) and Ottawa. Enough time to anticipate and prepare the team. The Habs players looked confused at times. Confusion sometimes comes from the unexpected. Eliminating confusion is the coaching staff's job. Scratching Gui?, sure. But, that's not the stroke of genius Carbo was missing on Saturday night.

The Forum said...

The confusion you refer to has been common with the Habs since Carbo has taken over the bench. We seen this story time and again over the past season and it now looks this year may not be that different.

Given that Gainey is not ready to dismiss Carbo or any of his staff, this problem needs to be rectified by the players on the ice - hence moving Latendresse to the press box (and hopefully to Hamilton) is a step in the right direction.

We need leadership on and off the ice and if you don't want to give 110% every night, you should not be playing. Same reason why we have ragged on Kovy for so long - maybe he had turned a new page based on his performance so far.

Gone are the days when the coach had complete control of the team - they are as vulnerable as the players today.