Friday, October 19, 2007

The Sky is (Still) falling: Sens 4, Habs 3

While we wait for Five for Smiting to bring down the Hammer (get it now? Yeah, I know, at least the kitten was cute) on our beloved (?) Habs, let's take a look at what happened on the ice last night out near the big box stores in Kanata.

Plan the parade - we were oh so close to pulling one out on their ice, if not for Greek Lightening's brain cramp 30 seconds after Kovy tied it. Nonetheless the Habs were not completely outclassed by the best team in the league (no matter what **others** may say in thier posts on our site.) Price still looks like he's bored in nets; he's the Iceman. 2 for 4 on the PP, so while I hate to disagree with my colleague HF29, the only thing Souray would have added would have been to the home team's tally, likely courtesy of Spezza undressing him in highlight fashion. Grabs and Big Tits looked like actual NHLers. Tenderness scored his first of the year - of course if I were that lucky, the blond in yesterday's game preview would have been picking up that red dress off my floor this morning.

The sky is falling - again the same story: the Habs play well but come up short, lacking the offensive to pull it out in the end. Pleks wasn't stellar, although we think RDS might have ovverated a tad in their assessment that he's the crappiest player to come out of the Czech Republic since Pavel Brendl. Ryder scores his first of the year - and why, you ask, is that part of the sky falling? As LG77 correctly pointed out in yesterday's open thread, whenever he scores, we lose. Price should be upset about the first 55-foot floater from Wade (Over-)Redden(ed) - of course, that would mean he is capable of emotion, and we all know that androids are capable of emotion (and if anyone makes a reference to Data from Star Trek in the comments I will shoot myself in the temple) . At what point do we put Mark Streit's face on a milk carton?

Chez Parée bound? No cover for Tenderness, the Koivu line, Grabs and Big Tits, Kovy, Hamr, Markov and Price. Greek Lightning is paying the team's tab.

6.5 lap dances out of 10. Could have been a 10. Damn Greek Lightening.

Next evil foe - besides Five for Smiting's post? I guess it's the Sabres on Saturday night at home. The Sabres are evil for Lindy Ruff and the depth to have last' year's third 3rd line center, Derek Roy, step in and be the #1 pivot this year - while the Habs cross their fingers that Koivu plays like this all year and Pleks 2nd half wasn't a fluke. Plus, they're still whining about the toe in the crease FROM ALMOST EIGHT YEARS AGO. Get a life, people. Oh wait, you live in Buffalo, riiight.


HabsFan29 said...

yeah yeah on the Sheldon business

Dr. Sung's other "son" Lore was pretty emotional

Habsfan10 said...

I swear, if people start talking Star Trek on here, I will go on a three-province killing spree ... and I'm not revealing which three until I start.

Agree with you Panger, it's time for Buffalo to get over it. I doubt they would have won the Cup anyway ... after all, they're Buffalo.

stever said...

when you say Greek Lightning do you mean tom kost-us-the-game-opilous?

Senators Lost Cojones said...


Too soon?