Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rain on Your Parade: Habs 3 - Carolina 2 OT

They won! They won! The PP worked well! Didn't miss a beat without Souray! The PK Subban played to perfection!!!!

Stop. Arrest every thought in your head. I want you to tell that thought to sit down. I want you to look at that thought. Now I want you to tell the thought to go away.

This win was eerily similar to what the team accomplished in the first half of last season. Then the law of averages settled in.

You're not going to win games regularly by scoring 3 on the power play and by killing off a bunch on penalties, including over 2 minutes worth of 5 on 3s. This is stretching the team's capabilities again and having them play beyond their capacities. It will bite them in the culo in the end.

Gainey said it best at the end of last season: this team despite its torrid 21-8-5 explosion out of the starting blocks last year was marred by imbalance. Great penalty kill but too many penalties taken, great save % but too many shots allowed. Eventually the team tires and the results change.

The Habs will be a convincing team when they find a way to accomplish 2 specific feats on a regular basis: limit the opposition to under 30 shots and score when playing 5 on 5. That signifies that the players are committed to a defensive system while consistently overpowering the opposing team in the offensive zone. That establishes balance. No need for the players to extend themselves and play in over their heads.

Until then, bring your umbrella, ella, eh, eh, eh, to the parade.

That last line sucked.


HabsFan29 said...

boy that last line sucked. but it made me think of Rihanna, so that's good. now excuse me for 5 minutes.

but before i go, the thought is a good one, 33. one game does not a season make. but what a game!!! (and im the pessimist here)

Habsfan10 said...

You just cut it out, HF33. God's in his heaven, the Habs are in first, Toronto is eerily quiet today because the Leafs lost, and I WILL NOT HAVE YOU SPOIL MY MOOD WITH WELL-THOUGHT OUT ARGUMENTS!

Anonymous said...

That's my line!

Anonymous said...

a word of advice, u might wanna avoid the pessimism,if you want readers to ocntinue coming back u gotta give the habs a pat on the back where it is needed at least. Brisebois played a good game and most importantly they won.

ps. the main reaosn robert. L's blgoeyes on the prize is so successful is because he is not overly pessimistic.

lawyergirl77 said...

Anonymous - there is a difference between the 110% style of idiotic pessimism and intelligent snark. This blog falls into the latter, and so I hope they don't change a thing!!

Although, I think that they should showcase some prime ManMeat every once in a while to satisfy their female demographic... ;)

HabsFan33 said...

Anonymous, look at the following post! All positive! There were indeed some good things to comment on, we just inserted those thoughts in a different entry. We promise to not be the Debby Downers of the Habs Blogosphere. Pinky swear.

HabsFan29 said...

not pessimist? jeez, thats the whole reason for this blog's existence. without snark we'd just be another site with strippers

LG77 didnt you see that awesome ChiPs-era Erik Estrada topless photo? that was some quality beefcake

HabsFan33 said...

Right on 29. And what about the picture of Latendresse striking a stroking-my-hair-with-my-head-leaning-back-as-if-i'm-under-a-waterfall-in-a-bounty-chocolate-commercial pose?!!
If that wasn't for our female readers and Panger, then who?

lawyergirl77 said...

HF33 - I have better taste in men than Panger. As such, The Tenderness does nothing for me, so long as he is doing nothing (more commonly known as Sweet Fuck All) on the ice!!

Besides - does he even have to shave yet?? *shudder*

HF29 - i can't load the pics on the site (or the comments for that matter) while I'm at work. I must have missed that. Then again, seeing as it was Erik Estrada, the man who never met a bottle of Crisco he didn't love, I'm not sure it was much of a loss... ;-)