Friday, October 05, 2007

The Morning Skate for Friday, October 5

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of your life in HD...
  • Habs PP leads the league! Take that, Sheldon;
  • Leafs lose! Mats Sundin ties Darryl Sitler for the all-time lead in Leafs goals. Sens raise their "Eastern Conference Champions" banner. (Snooty Habs fan alert) Any banner that's not a championship banner should never be raised. TMS is still embarassed over that "National League East Champs 1981" banner that flew in the Big Owe;
  • Big name UFA's shine in debuts - Chris Drury gets the winner in NY, and Danny Boy gets two including the winner in his Flyers debut. Got the feeling the local media will be following him extra close this year?

Leafs-Habs tomorrow. Saturday Night! Hockey! Bob Cole and Harry Neale! Kill me now. Make sure to stop by FHF during the game and mercilessly attack them in our open thread.

1 comment:

Habitanto said...

you can count on it, the hogtown equivalent of the ignorant/ clinically retarded folks over at 110% are the worst color commentary in the game. I have approximatly $10 000 in my savings account which I offer up publicly right now to any one who knows where Lyle Odelein is and can pay him to headbut Neale the first time he mentions that the Leafs are one piece away from a cup. Its been 40 years, and these two left clownshoes still dont get it... they could give the palestinians lessons in refusal to accept the obvious.

As much as it may be time for him to go I really hope boullion lays someone out hard, he earned his salary last year in leafs games alone. GO HABS GO.