Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Anything to make a headline.

I didn't know we were actually COUNTING DOWN.

Let's see, what other countdowns could we think of....
  • One hour till I have lunch!
  • 23 minutes before I get up to speak to my partner!
  • 12 seconds before I swallow some saliva!
  • 65 days before that pigeon in Florida decides that it's time to fly back to Quebec!
  • 3 seconds before that pigeon makes pigeon droppings!
  • 6 seconds before that pigeon makes pigeon droppings!
  • 3 weeks before coach Carbonneau's firing!
  • 3 weeks till the coach Gainey era resumes!
  • 5 hours before I finish Season 2 of Arrested Development!
  • 8 seconds till I come up with another countdown!
  • 26 hours till my next random high five!
  • 22 years till the 22nd anniversary of the infamous events of February 4, 2009!
  • 2 seconds before I fucking take Zaza OUT!
Moving right along, TSN. Get your first trigger-happy page reloader guy going and get me some real freaking news on your front page. Or shall we insist on Ilka Sinisalo's new career as a welder for more front page features.



HF29 aka HH29 said...

zero seconds til I make a snarky comment about TSN!

fezworth said...

The most depressing thing is that it's not even a countdown to the trade deadline. It's a countdown to TSN's trade deadline tv show. It's so self-referential it makes me sick.

mr. gillis said...

Speking of trades, I heard a rumour about maybe bringing Brad Richards to Montreal.

I heard it from a friend who's dad's brother-in-law's son is married to the daughter of a man who's cousin is a janitor at the Bell Centre and overheard Bob Gainey talking about it on the phone. Therefore it must be true.

Anonymous said...

With Tenderness out I hope they recall Gregory Stewart. He looked very good the few times he's played for the big club.