Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy belated birthday Panger!

mmm, cleavage-y

My goodness do we suck. Yesterday was Panger's birthday and we totally missed it. I was at school all day and HF4 is on his honeymoon, what's your excuse 10? Anyway, it's never too late for some of Panger's favourites, the redheads. HF10 made up for his missing the birthday by finding an awesome gallery of 101 ridiculously-hot redheads.

Hope you had a good one Panger. May you always be square to the shooter.


Habsfan10 said...

My excuse is I'm fucking lazy. And have two kids under the age of three.

But mostly lazy.

Habsfan10 said...

Also, edit:

100 ridiculously hot redheads, and Lindsay Lohan.

GoldenGirl11 said...

That looks painful. Is that really cleavage or did someone Photoshop her butt onto her chest? Hard to tell.

Either way a thoughtful and manly birthday gift. Best wishes.

Habsfan1993 said...

Are you telling me that Panger and I share the same birthday? If so, then I have cause to celebrate sharing my birthday with something other than the start of WWII.

TH-TO said...

My question is this...Does MrsHF10 know that you know about and presumably peruse sites like

I sense a thrashing in your future HF10.


Habsfan10 said...

It was linked from another site. A sports site. I fear nothing.

WF: blounsly. "TF-TH, I challenge you to a duel for your insolence, you blounsly git."

Tom said...

My birthday is six months away, but I also love redheads.

Please keep that in mind for March 17.

Knuclez Nilan said...

Those redheads are all hot, just don't go down on any of them. Yuck!

(Sorry but you did ask for obscenities.)

moeman said...

Luongo a Nuck until 2021.

Bonne Fete Panger et hf93.

GoldenGirl11 said...

2021? He has one incredible agent!

TH-TO said...

HF10 - Pick your NERF weapon, ingrate.



WV: 'meten' - as in, I'll be meten out a beat'en on you.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Mmmmm, redheads...

Bertrand Raymond gives an unintentional lesson on irony

I posted the following in the comments section:

Cher M. Raymond,

Je m'avoue un anglophone, et j'admets que ma compréhension de la langue française est encore très faible, mais voici ce que j'ai compris des deux premières paragraphes de votre article:

«Trop de gens se croient tout permis en se cachant derrière des pseudonymes. Trop de gens s'imaginent que leur opinion est la seule logique. Des opinions qu'ils émettent ou qu'ils commentent en termes inutilement grossiers dans certains cas.

«Trop de lecteurs lisent des textes en diagonale en escamotant des détails importants. D'autres ne savent carrément pas lire. Il s'agit peut-être d'une coïncidence mais, souvent, celui qui lit tout croche une chronique ou un blogue est aussi celui qui est incapable de structurer une simple phrase sans la tapisser d'énormes fautes d'orthographe.»

À ce que je comprends, il y a des gens qui écrivent sur l'internet de longues épîtres de ton incendiaire et hyperbolique, et que les auteurs de ces textes présentent leurs opinions comme des faits. Ayant aucune responsabilité pour leurs dires, ces gens présentent seulement les données qui supportent leur point de vue, et dénigrent leurs critiques avec des attaques [i]ad hominem[/i].

J'ai eu plus de difficulté avec le restant du texte, mais je crois y avoir tiré l'essentiel. S'il y a des erreurs de français dans mon texte, je m'excuse - j'ai fait de mon mieux de le réviser.

Olivier said...

SSH: From time to time, on many english speaking blogs about the habs, there will be posts about Bertrand Raymond, Réjean Tremblay, 110% (or whatever it this that they are called on that cheap porn channel they are bow being broadcasted) and whatnot harping about the lack of french speaking players.

And very very often (it's really as a matter of principle that I don't write "always"), those blog posts will brush the subject to denounce the linguistic obsession of the french media.

Following up on your comment here and on the other one on BR's page, I have two points to make about this, and I guess the fact that I'm making said points in the comment section of a blog post featuring a link to 100+ scantily-clad redhead is as telling an sign as can be of how seriously you should take my opinion. That is: with a huge grain of salt.

But still:

a) That was a pretty nice comebacker; well done, sir.

b) I'll simply point to the fact that an overwhelming majority of commenters are quite rudely opposed to BR. I'd wage a seizable sum of money that's an indication of why you'll never see Réjean Tremblay get near a comment section either.

The fact is, these guys are, every single freaking time they venture anywhere near an outlet for their readers to tell them what they think of their work (be it a lowly e-mail adress), showered with rudely explicit mentions of their crass incompetence.

I simply find it sad that, on such enjoyable and, for some blogs out there, genuinely instructive forums, people simply stick to the language issue and don't go the extra mile and call this thing it's true name: an expedient used by incompetents who can't and aren't willing to even try to say anything about this hockey club that is either instructive or entertaining.

I guess my point is, why make it a language issue when obviously the issue should be that they should clear the floor, cover golf or whatnot and leave hockey to people who are actually interested by the damn thing.

Moneypuck said...


Its due to the cultural link hockey has to the city/province, was there ever a language issue with the Expos?

Olivier said...

I ranted, so I kinda blurred my point.

That is: language is brought up as an issue in the sports press by writers who couldn't be bothered with actually doing their job and writing about hockey.

They know language is a hot button, they need to generate reaction (because it's their job to generate readership) and they just aren't willing to actually do some reporting/analysis. Thus, the language button. It's a cheap ploy and should be treated as such. Whenever they actually give a feedback line, people abundantly call them out on it. Sometimes it's language, sometimes it's "passion" sometimes it's how hockey isn't like it was in the good old days... How many times do you read Raymond or Tremblay and end up thinking "Jeebus dude, if you hate your job that much, why don't you just quit it?"... Some guys in the Gazoo sounds like that too... I guess we aren't noticing it as much because they don't stir up shit "L" issue. They always gladly pile on when the other guys get it on tough.

As for the expos, well, I guess I'm coming from left field on that aspect: there never were many french speaking player so I guess it always flew by them. But baseball actually harkens pretty far back in Québec's history, and I think we underestimate baseball's cultural importance in Québec since MLB and the post-Bronfman owners so thoroughly poisoned the well. It's fascinating, really. But it's also, sadly, history.

Congrats on your gig at Puck Prospectus btw!

memyselfandi said...

Bravo Olivier, very well said. A little too erudite for this blog though, no?

kevincrumbs said...

I, too, would also like to register my love of redheads.

memyselfandi said...

@kevincrumbs, in light of that last statement I'm getting a bit creeped out by your avatar.