Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TMS is wondering what Hal Gill would look like riding on a horse

Do not, under any circumstances, do a Google Image Search for "hot babe and horse" at work. TMS is as perverted as the next guy, but we still need eye bleach.

So Pat Hickey reports that the Habs will not be spending the last couple of days of training camp at Mont Tremblant as has now become tradition. Instead, they will be spending it at Teen Ranch, north of Toronto, in anticipation of the opener at the ACC. According to the website, Teen Ranch is described as:

Canada's Finest Hockey and Equestrian Camp since 1968.
Not just for teens
Teen Ranch is a year-round Christian Sports Camp, retreat and outdoor education center.

The half Jew Squid has an issue with that last one.

(via HI/O)

Other stuff for the morning
Ice Edge Holdings, the group that would have put games in Saskatoon, has pulled out (heh) of the Coyotes sweepstakes. That leaves the NHL vs. Jimmy Balls. Two quality potential owners. Also, Jonathan Roy will have to stand trial for his little scrap on the ice. Jacques Martin had a big press conference yesterday. He didn't say anything interesting. Get used to that.


Boob Gainey said...

Holy Crap!

Hadulf said...


Holy Crap is definitely right! What a mug shot!

"Me big man, you obey me, me CRUSH you!"

Robbie said...

TEEN CAMP! What the fucks up with that? Now on the other fucking hand, no ok i won't go there. The up side is all the teenie girls (no pun intended) should be gone back to school so we won't have to worry about our protect the line, do a line, Goalie getting in any trouble and Gilmour has been out of the league for some time so the Christian camp might just be safe. There is something profoundly wrong though with the Habs spending any fucking unnecessary time at all in the God forbidden Province

Sonia said...

"There is something profoundly wrong though with the Habs spending any fucking unnecessary time at all in the God forbidden Province"

Well, it'll keep Réjean Tremblay away.

Jimmy G said...

Gino Odjick tells BGL to stop being so fucking polite. Let's hope he takes that advice this season...

Moey said...

Teen Camp? Looks more like Shawbridge. Love the bunkbeds.

TH-TO said...

Fun article about the Coyotes Saga coming from, of all places, the NP...

lawyergirl77 said...

Moey +1.

Personally, I think that sending some of them to this modern-day Shawbridge is an INSPIRED idea... unfortunately, it's a season too late.

Robbie said...

@lawyergirl, your absolutely right, last year we certainly could have sent Kovy and the tit brothers there although i'm sure they don't have any Russian Translators at Batshaw. BGL might have learned how to be really mean from some of the juvy's there so he might have benefited. As for this year i'm not sure what inspiration the TEEN camp might i live up in Tremblant so i'm pissed i won't get to see the new version of "les Boys" up here this fall.

L Dude said...

Anybody feeling inspired to do a Teenland parody? I'm not. Friggin' work.

WV= refaces


Chester said...

Let the Martin mind fucking start

GoldenGirl11 said...

Teen Camp packing list:

clothing for 4 days
rosary beads
bible (or one will be supplied)
Jewish guy to sacrifice
sleeping bag for camp out/bon fire after redemption ceremony

Chester said...

Hey ....
Wait a second .. That's not Hal Gil.

saskhab said...

I'm surprised no one has made the obvious connection from last year to this Teen Camp weekend: it's obviously a detox program.

Number31 said...

Woah, Habs changed their website. News at 11.

moeman said...

(might seem a bit rusty)

~ ~ ~

Give me a Tit, give me a second Tit
I want to find out what the fuck they missed
Don't leave Carey alone, don't leave Carey alone
Don't leave him alone at a camp like this

Bloggers in blue, with white and rouge
A snapshot of the Four Habs Fan blogazine
Cammi's all the rage, Gomez'll turn back the page
And Gionta is short and speedy just like me
Here in...

Habsland oh oh oh
Habsland oh oh oh
Habsland oh oh oh
Habsland now

Laracque's up then down, Laracque's up then down
His off-ice poison always brings me the fuck down
I need a danse-à-dix, a lot of danse-à-dix
I need my dix fix for full effect
Here in...


Will the kids walk out, on their heroes now?
What the media are spewing means zero now
You've gotta give us a Cup, give us a Cup
Give us a Cup in Habsland now
Am I in dreamland now? No, in I'm in Habsland now!
Fuck. Right fucking now!

We're all the same, we're on one team
Our Habs makes us want to scream
Just drop the puck, just drop the puck
Cuz everyday until then its what the fuck
Here in...

HabsFan29 said...

YES! moeman is back, baybee!!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

Went to look at the "new" Habs website (looks the same to me) and in the section "where are they now", currently featured is André Racicot. WTF cares where he is now?... or even then for that matter. We learn that he is mining for gold up in Ninavut but living in St. Agathe. The interview is about as exciting as dry Ajax on a J-cloth but it does explain the constant red glow over the Laurentians.

Very impressive. Something about MAC users. Highly functioning and yet extremely warped. Like it.

Moey said...


You're back in the saddle.

@GG11, you forgot the coarse hair jerseys.

L Dude said...

way to go moeman! Of course by 'anybody' I meant you.
How fucking antsy will we all be 3 weeks from now!? BRING IT!

moeman said...


Thnx, it helped that I was a huge Northern Pikes fan (an amazing live band to boot).

WV = balet, I kid you not.