Friday, September 25, 2009

The Morning Skate for a Sexy Friday, September 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a nude Marissa Miller...
  • B's beat the Habs 2-1 in a shootout. We may never beat Boston again. By all accounts we seemed to have played OK though, as Tim Thomas came up big. Little Tits had a decent game, as did Jaro, who almost got killed. And Squid left the game with a "lower body injury", not to return. JM lied and said it as "precautionary";
  • Wayne Gretzky resigns as Coyotes coach. It tells you something about his coaching career vs. his playing career that his resignation only ranks a second bullet point in TMS instead of an actual post. As HF10 put it in an email yesterday, "given the Coyotes record, I thought he quit two years ago";
  • The 'Nucks finally lose one, to the Ducks. Saku and Teemu team up for the OT winner. /sheds tear;
  • Sid the Kid leaves the 5-2 loss to the Blue Jackets with a groin injury, a groooiin injury;
  • Speaking of Pittsburgh, the G20 protesters are hockey fans;
  • The MYFO "gang" does its usual bang-up job with their Habs preview.
Programming notes
We're taking a break from Bertrand today. He'll be back next week with the big 3-part finale. In its place, check back later for our special Sexy Friday tribute to Breezer, on the occasion of his retirement. Speaking of Sexy Friday, let's go random with a TMS fave, in honour of the Dollhouse S2 premiere tonight, Eliza Dushku. Full set here.


Boob Gainey said...

Here's my match report.

Jaro was awesome.

Ryan O'Byrne looked like freakin' Larry Robinson out there. Seriously!

Sergei was excellent. Hitting, skating, scoring.

Gomez is beautiful to watch. Best player on the ice.

Other pluses include Metro and Carle. The team generally played well in their own end.

AK46 is in a daze.

LaT isn't a top 6 player.

Moen looks horrible.

None of the young ones impressed: Dags, Stewie, Maxwell.

I never realized how slow Hal Gill was until I saw him live. It's pretty shocking.

Did I mention how bad AK46 looked?

gillis said...

I miss saku

Chester said...

I thought Dagostinniinni played a great game. Skated around, shot some puck. He looked better than most.

Habsfan10 said...

This would have been the best TMS ever based solely on the Gr-gr-grooin injury link. Adding Marisa and Eliza makes this the Gretzky's 92 goal season of TMS. Never to be topped.

LeNoceur said...

Look, if there could be a One Man Gang, surely there can be a two-blogger "gang."

Anonymous said...

HF29 -- HUGE +1

have the echo the sentiments of HF10.. Woody jamming out still cracks me up.

northern_sooner said...

jesus h christ... i made the mistake of clicking the gr-gr-grooiin link and ended up spewing coffee all over my keyboard. FHF is now officially my favorite habs site.