Friday, September 11, 2009

Sexy Friday TMS reports from the golf course

Our one chance a year to post Anna Rawr-son

So the Habs golf tourney went yesterday, and there is lots of stuff to report. Hmm, like Bob saying this is the year of truth. Amen, Bob. Also, Bob seems not to give a shit if there was no captain. The Molsons played nice with George Gillett who cried like a baby. The Molsons also played nice with Pierre Boivin, giving him a vote of confidence. More blah blah blah about French Canadian player crap. Someone may have played some golf, but we're not sure. No one seems to be reporting on that.

We've got plenty of other NHL news around this morning. ESPN reports that there is a Heatley to San Jose and Marleau to Kings 3-way deal in the works, but everyone is denying it. In Phoenix-palooza, the judge says he may reject both the NHL and Jimmy Balls bids. Okaaay. President Obama takes time out from fixing health care to meet with the Penguins and Lord Stanley's chalice. Have a drink to celebrate the return of Theo Fleury. Mike Comrie is going back to Edmonton. The Phil Kessel situation is messy. Suck it, B's.

Whew. Enjoy Sexy Friday everyone. Check back later to see what sexy stripperriffic preview we've got today.


Number31 said...

And then Judge Baum turns around and says "I'm buying the team, neener neener neener". Rasberries the room and dashes away.

And moves them back to Winnipeg.

And there was much rejoicing.

Habsfan10 said...

Hey woman, you can't tee it up on the cart path!

JC said...

She can tee it up wherever she likes, and I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, either...

L Dude said...

Those better not be metal spikes!