Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, September 22nd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of a drunken David Hasselhoff...
  • Habs win! Sure, we only played one period, but the new big little three lead the way, starring Gionta's 2G 1A. TFS was outstanding, stopping 28 of 31 and he had no chance on the 3 he let in (tip, PP, and Malkin). And the Pens had a pretty full lineup. To your parade planners!
  • Habs chop 19 players, including the Subbanator and pre-season golden gloves champ Eric Neilson. And one last time, GLUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEE;
  • Cube finds a home in Nashville. Thank you for your service, Franky;
  • 'Nucks go to 5-0 for the preseason;
  • Oh look, more Phoenix court hearings!
The ongoing lawsuit new preview series rolls on today. Maudits anglais.


Boob Gainey said...

This survey shows the bigots are having some influence.

moeman said...

Boob knows.

Also, why is the frumpy larabbé from La Pressse still on my videobox. His major RUMEURS! scoop last year didn't pan out. Some of these jouranimals should be caged.

WV = expardic, as in an expardic is a faithful Nordiques fan that thinks he's a hockey expert (tremblay, cough, tremblay), going so far as to suggest the AvalanCHe Cup wins featuring Patrick Roy should be considered part of the Diques lore. Um, despite it being Peanut Houle, I doubt the Habs would've traded Casseau to it's Provincial rival.