Friday, September 04, 2009

The Sexy Friday Morning Skate would like to talk hockey for a moment

Oh, hello there. Not much going on this morning to link to; Glenn Healy resigning from the NHLPA, and more Red Fisher get off my lawn-isms (lap dance to GG11) is about all we've got. But there is a smell in the air, and what's that? Yes, it's the stench of sweaty hockey equipment coming out after a long summer in the bag.

As Shutdown pointed out yesterday, Rookie camp starts Monday. Holy fucking hell! Hockey, like, for realz! Rookie camp includes nicknames you've heard of like The Subbanator, Swiss Mister II and Max Pack. Those are, like, real players! And main training camp goes a week from tomorrow. Excuse me, I'm a little ferklempt.

So here at FHF we have big plans for previews and stuff and looking ahead to the season. As soon as we figure out what they are, we'll let you know.


Michael said...

So I'm reading yesterday's Comments and I see Moey and J.T. taking turns defecating from a great height on Habs Inside/Out.
Ouf! Hit me like a swift kick to the goolies.
This must be how Lyndon Johnson felt when Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam War.
If we've lost Moey and J.T., we've lost the nation.

HabsFan29 said...

@Michael - Boone?

Boob Gainey said...

To be fair, the problem with HIO is the comments section over which Boone et al. have little control. The blog itself is very good.

Habsfan10 said...

Rumour has it the Other Wing section has at least one nutbar writer.

Michael said...

You've outed me, 29.

lawyergirl77 said...

See, even Mike has figured out that commenting over at 4HF is where it's at!!

*ducks the flying tomatoes/shoes/being flung from the Pointe Claire estate*


Go Hockey! Go Pants! I got my tix in the mail yesterday - much approval from the LG77 household re: new packaging!

(Now don't make me regret renewing my tix, you Basterds!!)

memyselfandi said...

Ditto regarding HIO, I still read the stories but you couldn't pay me to read the comments section.
The expression 'circle jerk' comes to mind.
It's okay to say circle jerk here, right?
Word verif. - vides, pertaining to some of the minds in certain comments sections.

moeom said...

Wooohooo, bring out the pen and papers and the greens as the Hockey Fantasy Pool is around the corner. Time to make some extra cash for that dash!

Moey said...

@Boob & Michael,

Absolutely right, it's not the blog or the HIO feature articles. It's the most reliable place for all Habs news and I love "About last night..." too. It's the comments (and yes I know just don't read them). But it's sort of like not looking at an accident on the highway.

Brian said...

@Moey The professionally written part of HIO is fine. The trend toward novella-length comments, however, has gotten entirely out of hand. Also, the site lacks the humour that was present in its early days. I don't know what transpired last month on that one thread, but to prompt Boone to round up an anonymous posse to monitor future posts it has to be really bad, or perhaps really good, i.e. entertaining. I'm sorry that I missed it while on vacation.

eyebleaf said...

To build on what was being talked about yesterday: GO LEAFS GO.

Brian said...

@eyebleaf Where?

Moey said...


That's whats so brilliant about FHF. It's the SNL of hockey blogs, tremendous wit with an all star cast: HF29, moeman, LG77, (HF4's Jaro impression is a not miss), Boob & SSHF just to name a few. J.T. makes a few guest appearances as well. You can say whatever you want and I've never seen a personal attack here mainly because nobody says dopey things.

J.T. said...

I like Dave Stubbs. I read just about everything he posts. About Last Night is decent too. The rest of it is pretty horrid.

Brian said...

@Moey No line combos? How can you attract readers without them?

@J.T. It took some time, but I finally came upon some appropriate background music if I choose to browse through the comments section on HIO: the riff from the Roman galley scene on Ben Hur. On another note, they should at least name the newly appointed moderators. That could prompt a quality rag-a-thon.

HabsFan29 said...

@moey It's the SNL of hockey blogs

I hope you mean SNL 1975-78, or the Eddie Murphy years

And I just noticed your blog was not in the 'roll. Why didn't you tell me? It's there now.

Moey said...


Of course I mean the seventies version of SNL, just like our Habs those were the best years.

Gracias for the blog shout out.

GoldenGirl11 said...


I'm not so sure I agree on SNL '75-'78. Classic but not all that funny. Murphy, Crystal, Short...yes. Ackroyd and Martin as those "wild and crazy guys"? Not so much. Tina Fey has to be one of the smartest and funniest women around. I'd like to have her talent for comedy writing. Ok, back to hockey or lack thereof.

moeman said...

@Moey, thnx for the all-star vote.

Off to check your musings.